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  • I’d looove to see this but an international plan to stop climate change is also technically possible but I’m not gonna get my hopes up based on what we’ve seen in that arena thus far. That latter is also an outright existential threat to our species.

    It’s also technically possible that anyone can win the lottery but the odds are decidedly stacked against them.

    I hate that I’m so goddamn pessimistic about this stuff, but it’s hard to see a path to betterment until shit really hits the fan in catastrophic ways. (Moreso than we’ve seen thus far.) Between the rich holding ridiculous power and the 30-40% of the population they’ve utterly brainwashed, an optimistic future seems pretty far fetched. Not that we shouldn’t try, of course, I’m just venting my frustrations. That said, as an elder millenial, I have a good degree of hope for the younger generations. Overall they seem much more progressive and don’t buy into the illusions about our current system that we do.

    I spent sooooo much of my teens and early 20s involved in leftist activism and spent the next decade utterly apathetic as we never seemed to accomplish much of anything. Now I’m just trying to get by and help those who I directly have the power to help, such as coworkers and the kids in my life.

  • I absolutely know how you feel. I’ll typically go 6 to 12 months at a time without playing because of that. I then strategically find a window between patches where most of my favorite mods are all up to date. It typically takes a solid 4 hours of work to fix up my modlist, and I then play obsessively for several weeks. Despite these huge breaks, I’m at almost 3500 hours in the game, though I’ve been playing since release.

    My second fave game is Rimworld, and I follow a similar pattern there, though modding for that game seems much more resilient in the face of certain updates. Plus, Ludeon isn’t DLC-crazy like Paradox.

  • I can see them surviving in the wild in Vancouver, but here in MB it regularly gets to -30 to -40 for several months in the winter. I’m not sure they’d like that too much.

    That said, maybe your dad’s house is a supermarket. Does he have lots of food in it?

  • Something I sometimes do for a more relaxed game is lower the number of empires from default for map size, and bump up the number of pre-FTL so some of them will later turn into empires. I usually also turn up the number of advanced empires.

    You end up with a few superpowers, a few insignificant empires who are pawns in their games, and a little more early-game breathing room.

    To be honest, I also generally peak at the map in observe mode to ensure I have a fun/interesting start position. I play with like 200 mods, usually create several of my own rival empires, and generally play it as a story generator rather than a game to “win.”

  • Good to know. Nevertheless, I hope to never be in a situation where I get to find out. I’m guessing they’re suuuuper rare here. I checked the iNaturalist app and there were no observed sightings of either type mentioned in that article.

    There’s probably just a colony in the back of a supermarket somewhere.

  • Well, crap. Now I’m going to be irrationally afraid of a run-in with an illusive grape-riding Black Widow.

    I did know about foreign spiders hitching a ride on produce. I just didn’t know that these dudes could take root in our cold wasteland. Nonetheless, thanks for the link!

  • I was going to make a joke about this costing $6000/hit, then I read this:

    Activists have urged Gilead to ensure that people in countries where low- and middle-incomes predominate can get access to lenacapavir. The company has long faced criticism over the price of its HIV medicines. Descovy usage carries a list price of $26,000 a year.

    So based on their current HIV medicine, my joke answer was less than half of what it’ll likely actually cost (as you need two hits a year).

    What a ridiculous world we live in.