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  • Yeah, I’ve talked it over with a friend and (of all people) the school librarian. Here’s my plan:

    1. Wait a week and see if the T400 (hostname Amethyst) fixes itself, which is how I managed to resurrect my Acer (hostname LapisLazuli) last year.
    2. Transplant the RAM and SSD into LapisLazuli, which should be compatible and will receive a massive performance boost from it.
    3. Once I have enough saved up, buy an old ThinkPad to replace it. This will become Amethyst-II, and could be obtained second-hand from my institution.

  • So, I’m 17 and my Dad is an Apple fanboy. He started using Macs back in the '90s, and he’s always been using their stuff. Over the years, he’s managed to get my mum and her parents to ditch Android, and his parents to move on from their RAZRs. Now that everyone has iPhones, I have no hand-me-down routes. I have asked to get an Android, using my own money that I earned, but he always brings up the same arguments:

    “Androids are inherently less secure than iPhones”

    “We all use iPhones”

    “Apple’s proprietary ecosystem just works”

    “I had an Android once. Once.”

    “Are you just trying to stop the Find My tracking? What if I need to find you?”

    That last one could easily be misinterpreted. It’s an emergency thing; he’s not spying or anything. Don’t worry.

    I have an old Android in a drawer somewhere, but it’s running 4.4, it isn’t supported by any ROMs, and the battery barely lasts half an hour, so there’s no point in trying to get it to work.

    I’ll also be going to university this year, so I should be able to get a cheap Pixel on eBay and flash GrapheneOS onto it soon enough.