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  • I recently listened to Daisy Jones and the Six and the audiobook was incredible. The book was written as a series of interviews, which worked great as an audiobook. There were definitely times I got a bit distracted but it didn’t impede my understanding too much. It does take a bit to absorb all the characters, so you’d probably want to listen uninterrupted for the first ~hour.

    Killers of a Certain Age is another good one. Written about mature women assassins. It’s a fun thriller and an easy listen.

    Final rec is any of Ken Follett’s Kingsbridge series as read by John Lee. They’re long as hell, but straightforwardly told. There’s something I just love about how John read them, too.

  • I’ll have to check it out. How is Tidal for music discovery? I found that GPM was great for helping me find artists with the “I’m feeling lucky” feature. YTM hasn’t scratched that itch.

    Part of what’s kept me on YTM is that I’m still grandfathered into the GPM pricing, and I really like the ad-free feature for the rare occasions I am on YouTube. But—I could deal with giving that up!