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I live in a big tourist area and american/German tourists are the stereotype you imagine them to be

So technically and obviously speculating someone could 3d print a money printer? No EURion constellation if you build the thing urself

A space to talk, discuss and shitpost about all Paradox games and Paradox in general

After every other power rejected deals with him

i am stupid but sometimes when im on the internet i think im smart

In my country they are so big you need a truck driver license

At least the upper one is used only on the farm/to transport hay

Cleaning trash is satisfying, I like agricolture (both small and big scale) and managing stuff

Wtf I didnt know Italians polluted that little, I guess being poor as fuck helps after all

/c/shoplifting a communty about shoplifting and more in general about the reappropriation of goods by the proletariat
i hope its allowed, if not pls tell me and i will move it to another instance.

how will be hosting paid for in the future
i mean when and if we will have lots and lots of new users