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  • Haha I was wondering what you were pretty sure about with that last sentence there.

    I’m not familiar with Book of the New Sun, but can hiruko actually absorb memories? I was pretty sure that was just something the innkeeper was telling herself to feel better about her son being eaten by Taka, and the only reason it took so long to kill her was because she kept feeding it guests. I’m not sure I understand the hiruko being both the cause and effect though, what do you mean? I was thinking the timeline has been pretty linear so far.

    After thinking about it more, my best guess on Robin’s motivation is that he wants to somehow use the hiruko’s regenerative abilities to bring his sister back, and that’s the end goal of his experiments. The guy from back on the ship with the rotting hiruko part mentioned a rumor about how attaching a piece of one to yourself would make you immortal and that there’s a doctor at the Immortal Order who will do the surgery. That rumor probably didn’t originate from Dr. Usami since his work was on prosthetics, but Robin also spent time with the Immortal Order, and we’ve seen what his experiments were…

  • The statue is definitely supposed to be recognizable, but we haven’t seen her in quite a while now so I don’t blame you! Mikura Manaka is the person who tasked Kiruko with protecting Maru on his medicine delivery quest from the start of the series.


    She is also the director after the transplant operation that put her brain in Nata’s body.

    My confusion comes from what the monument to her is meant to imply though. With it being presented like that on the last page of the chapter, it looks like it should be a big revelation, but I don’t see it. Feels like it has to be more than just “she helped take care of the children here for a while”.

    I missed that this place was New Heaven though… It’s a stretch, but what if the children here are a new generation of Hiruko? Mikura must have been doing research somehow if she was able to develop a cure.

  • It’s not necessarily about asking questions or providing the right detail to someone who knows more than you though. After asking for help with the problems I’m experiencing, the answer turned out to be that the NVIDIA driver support for my hardware configuration just isnt there yet. It’s not Linux’s fault, but unless I spend hundreds to switch my GPU brand or start unlugging monitors, I’m stuck with Windows until Explicit Sync hits the stable release.