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  • C’est un jeu avec le cul (ahem) coincé entre deux chaises selon moi, niveau gameplay.
    Fortement parry based comme Sekiro (ou evade, dépendamment), les combos sont aussi très importants (un peu comme DMC / Bayo, mais plus “lourd” et répétitif) mais tu dois généralement être moins agressif que dans ces jeux là et tu as quelques notions de soulslike (repos qui fait respawn, etc), d’où les comparaisons. Les comparaisons avec NieR sont malvenues imo, si ce n’est que Stellar Blade est inspiré niveau histoire et univers mais mal bouclé.

    J’ai abandonné Stellar Blade midway car rien ne sauve le jeu à mon sens, le gameplay devient stale rapidement et le reste me paraissait vraiment pas au niveau (histoire, voice acting, contenu annexe, musique d’ambiance sympa mais répétitive, etc).

  • I finally started Horizon: Forbidden West - gameplay changes compared to HZD keep trickling in and I couldn’t be happier. I love Aloy’s character so I’m really happy to be in her shoes again.

    This past week was pretty disappointing before that:

    • Hellblade II was good, but nowhere near as impactful as the first one for me. I’m left with a sour taste overall, although I’ll admit they did a tremendous job with cinematography and character rendering.
    • Stellar Blade was insipid. Whatever could save it in my book - its gameplay - turns out stale pretty quickly, so I ended up abandoning the game midway. The story and characters were really uninteresting imo, couple that with how EVE is represented… I couldn’t really find any redeeming qualities.

  • I finished DMC 5 SE sometime last week (or the “primary” arc at least) and it was fun as heck.
    I moved on to Stellar Blade, combat is very fun/engaging, but story is utter sh*t (so comparisons with NieR were definitely unwarranted IMO, seeing as it’s pretty much the opposite of my experience with Automata).

    As far as this weekend goes, I am playing Hellblade II, which was probably my most anticipated game of the year. I am loving it so far!

  • Most handhelds tbh.
    I didn’t really grow up with “traditional” (home) consoles, but I always had handhelds (and a PC).
    I have trouble going back to most handheld games pre-Vita nowadays, even if I remember the PSP (and GBA to a certain extent) fondly, between the controls, smaller screen and cut versions of games vs their home console counterparts, it’s hard to go back. Emulation makes it somewhat nicer for me, but still.
    And let’s not begin with GB or GG games, they have a certain charm, but I usually can’t stand them for more than 5 mins nowadays.

  • any1theretoGames@lemmy.worldShoot em ups & run n' guns
    1 month ago

    Shmups, I’m only a beginner but I have a few suggestions:

    • ESP Ra.De. - somewhat slower bullet hell with pretty interesting scoring, the “Psi” re-release has a lot of useful QoL features.
    • Espgaluda II - you could think of it as a successor to the former, it has refined gameplay and recent releases have great QoL features. Somewhat faster paced bullet hell?
    • Ikaruga / Radiant Silvergun - Although these are two very different games, they have entirely different mechanisms to most other shmups. Ikaruga feels like a “puzzle” game a lot of the time, while Radiant Silvergun has some light RPG elements. Both are somewhat hard to get into imo.
    • Dodonpachi Resurrection - great starting point re bullet hells, the recent re-release offers a ton of QoL features and the game itself has interesting scoring / gameplay. Soundtrack is awesome.
    • Raiden IV - Super biased, but I love the soundstrack. Pretty great, if simple, game otherwise.

    I have many more shmups in my backlog (Ketsui, Dodonpachi Daioujou, Battle Garegga, Rolling Gunner, etc) which I’m sure I could recommend, but seeing as I haven’t played them first hand yet… I’ll leave it there for now.

  • Maybe? You would need to know rooting a TV is even a possibility in the first place, I had no idea that was the case and I’ve had my LG TV for over 4 years.
    I’m just pointing out some specifics of the prerequisites, which the article did a pretty bad job of highlighting imo, and how this is not the miraculous solution it’s somewhat touted to be.

  • any1theretoGames@lemmy.worldYou Can Now Jailbreak A PS4 With An LG TV
    1 month ago

    Not to be a Debby Downer, but you’d either need a LG TV which is already rooted, or one you can root (per the repo’s README, “RootMyTV is unlikely to work on firmware released since mid-2022” and given firmware downgrades are impossible…).
    AFAIK firmware updates are opt-out by default, so as long as you connect your LG TV to internet, you’re likely to have received one, but I could be wrong.

  • If the game is cross-buy compatible with PS3 & PS4, does that mean that buying it on PS3 or 4 will make the game become downloadable on the PS Vita too?

    Yes, that’s the idea.

    And is the PS Vita Store still online?

    It is! The only caveat is if you ever want to buy something, you’ll need PSN credit on your account (paypal / credit card payment can’t be used anymore).

    Can I buy a game for PS4 physically on disc and get access to the PS Vita game through cross-buy, or does it only work with digital games?

    Ish, that’s somewhat iffy. If you were to buy it new, then maybe, but since it relies on a coupon (afaik) which could be expired by now, there’s no way to be 100% sure. Used, that’s a no-go.

    Plus, you can buy PS4 games on the PS store for PS5, so if I buy a PS4 that has cross-buy support with the Vita on a PS5, will cross-buy still work and give me access to the game on the PS Vita?

    Absolutely, that would work.

  • PSP, hands down. So many incredible games, it was a RPG powerhouse, that screen was great for the time and for me it was an “everything” device (I remember browsing the web and reading mangas on the PSP… Janky but incredible all the same).

    The Vita comes close - nigh “home console” games on the go and the OLED screen to make those shine.