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Game Title: Stellar Blade


  • PlayStation 5 (Apr 26, 2024)


Developer: Shift Up

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic - 84 average - 91% recommended - 44 reviews

Critic Reviews

AnaitGames - Víctor Manuel Martínez García - Spanish - 6 / 10

The explicit and self-confessed influence of NieR: Automata ends up having just enough importance in Stellar Blade—an enjoyable, solid action game, somewhat confusing and overloaded, and without much to say.

Atarita - Eren Eroğlu - Turkish - 92 / 100

Stellar Blade has a unique way of always surprising you. Including uncovering the secrets of its well-crafted universe one by one. It offers an unforgettable adventure with deep gameplay that constantly evolves.

Atomix - Sebastian Quiroz - Spanish - 85 / 100

Stellar Blade has great merit when we see it from a production point of view and as Shift Up’s letter of introduction to the international market. As an exclusive to the PlayStation 5, it lets us see that the industry is willing to expand and show us the AAA proposals that other regions have for us. Despite its positive points, the title offers us a generic story and gameplay mechanics that lack depth, although the presentation and production levels are impressive.

But Why Tho? - Matt Sowinski - 8.5 / 10

Stellar Blade is a fantastic addition to the PlayStation-exclusive library. The combat is slick and fun, the story deep and interesting, and the set pieces all bigger than the last. It’s obvious why Sony scooped this one up, fitting into its story-rich third-party pedigree of titles.

COGconnected - Jaz Sagoo - 93 / 100

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Checkpoint Gaming - Luke Mitchell - 8.5 / 10

Stellar Blade bursts out of the gate looking stunning, full of jaw-dropping set pieces, intense action and gory violence, and maintains that pace throughout. Underneath this flashy action game are a lot of systems that we’ve seen before, but despite what can feel like a lack of innovation at times, it never feels stale or unenticing due to its overwhelming sense of style and polished, gratifying combat. For every familiar puzzle or annoying platforming section, there’s a brutal boss battle or incredible over-the-top sequence that pulled me back in. Stellar Blade is a joy, a deliciously crafted adventure jam-packed with dramatic thrills. - Tanner Dedmon - 4 / 5

Beneath the fanservice and comparisons to NieR Automata and the Bayonetta games, Stellar Blade boasts some surprisingly involved combat systems and fantastic creature designs all in a relatively compact experience.

Console Creatures - Luke Williams - Recommended

With Stellar Blade, Shift Up shifts gears into overdrive to create an excellent debut console experience. However, the entry fee comes at being able to get over the surface level characterization.

Destructoid - Steven Mills - 8 / 10

Overall, Stellar Blade is a journey worth experiencing. I feel like with some improvements in certain areas, Stellar Blade could be a legendary landmark experience like those it clearly draws inspiration from. But even in its current form, Stellar Blade offers a fast-paced action combat system in a unique world with a rewarding narrative. It’s not quite stellar, but it’s certainly solid. Solid Blade.

Dexerto - James Busby - 4 / 5

Stellar Blade has landed a critical hit, successfully slicing through the crowd of well-established action-adventure game giants. If you’re a fan of sleek and stylish combat, with sprinklings of Soulsborne and Nier Automata vibes, you’ll feel right at home when playing Shift Up’s triumphant console debut.

Digitec Magazine - Domagoj Belancic - German - 4 / 5

Stellar Blade is a brilliant PS5 exclusive with tons of over-the-top action. It mixes numerous elements from other games and genres to create a unique work of art. The aesthetics of the sci-fi world and the oversexualized protagonist are contrasted with ultra-ugly and superbly designed enemies. The dreamlike soundtrack perfectly underlines the melancholy atmosphere of the desolate sci-fi world. Graphically, the game looks excellent with a few exceptions and is one of the prettier games on the PS5.

The combat system is fast, fluid and intuitive. Aside from the spectacularly orchestrated battles, there is plenty to discover with excursions into other genres. The frustrating platformer passages, the moderately exciting side quests and the largely empty open game areas tarnish the otherwise fantastic overall impression a little.

Echo Boomer - David Fialho - Portuguese - No Recommendation

Stellar Blade is a game full of ambition and confidence, but it’s too attached to its main inspirations, making it a somewhat unoriginal piece of entertainment. - Giannis Archontidis - Greek - 9 / 10

Stellar Blade offers excellent gameplay, an engaging protagonist, plenty of bloody action, an immersive battle system, and an interesting story.

Evilgamerz - Daan Nijboer - Dutch - 8 / 10

With Stellar Blade, Shift Up joins a solid list of exclusives from the Playstation 5, and does so properly. Their first console game manages to impress with challenging battles, where the boss fights in particular steal the show, and a fantastic world. And although the side missions lack quite a bit of creativity, the main mission manages to keep your attention enough. Stellar Blade has everything it takes to become a hit, but should not be mentioned in the same breath as the biggest Playstation exclusives. The South Korean developer has already hinted at a sequel and once they manage to address the weak points there, it will not be long until Stellar Blade will become one of the most important games for Playstation.

GAMES.CH - Olaf Bleich - German - 85%

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GGRecon - Jack Roberts - 4 / 5

Stellar Blade is an exceptionally well-crafted game that has learned from its influences and honed their teachings to a highly polished standard that can only be commended.

GamePro - Jonas Herrmann - German - 82 / 100

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Gameblog - French - 8 / 10

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Gameffine - Subhasish Das - 90 / 100

Stellar Blade is not just a great hack-and-slash game, it’s a culmination of a great fashion designer’s wardrobe and a ‘souls-like’ veteran’s wildest fantasies. Thanks to its satisfying combat, varied enemy designs, and stellar presentation, it really lives up to its name despite some occasional hiccups involving lackluster platforming and repetitive side requests.

Gamepressure - Sebastian Kasparek - 9 / 10

Stellar Blade is an above-average title. Well-developed, with a captivating story from the first moment, and most importantly engaging due to thoroughly well-planned and competently executed gameplay. The South Korean studio Shift Up performed exceptionally well, and despite my initial skepticism, I ultimately saw it as one of the top games of 2024.

GamingBolt - Shubhankar Parijat - 8 / 10

Fluid and adrenaline-fueled combat, a compelling setting, and a stylish aesthetic make Stellar Blade an action game well worth experiencing.

GamingTrend - Henry Viola - 90 / 100

Despite not vibing too well with the demo, we were utterly in love with Stellar Blade by the time the credits rolled. Shift Up has done a tremendous job with their first triple A project and sets a high bar for modern action role playing games. There are some pacing issues, and the narrative’s delivery stumbles, but the game as a whole is near perfect: the themes, the visuals, the music, the combat, the exploration, the world, and the technical performance. A modern masterpiece.

Glitched Africa - Marco Cocomello - 8.5 / 10

From its incredible soundtrack to its brilliant world design and combat, Stellar Blade’s debut is a much-needed injection of fun across the PlayStation-exclusive library and likely the most refreshing new game on the platform to date.

God is a Geek - Mick Fraser - 9 / 10

There’s a hell of a lot going on in Stellar Blade, but it remains a surprisingly elegant and exciting adventure throughout.

IGN Italy - Alessandro Digioia - Italian - 8.5 / 10

Stellar Blade is a good game, plain and simple. It feels like so much love and passion has been poured into it, and even if the story doesn’t quite reach the heights of NieR Automata and the like, Eve’s tale kept me interested until the credits rolled, and made me eager for more. There are some minor issues, and I would have loved to see a little more environment variety, but snappy combat, terrific music and visuals, and a world almost as enchanting as her protagonist make Stellar Blade very easy to recommend.

IGN Spain - Estrella Gómez - Spanish - 9 / 10

EVE has come to conquer the hearts of fans. Shift Up has built a very beautiful game that, although it presents a somewhat weak story, is capable of catching anyone with its mechanics and fluid combat. Stellar Blade is a game that will remain in the memory for a long time.

INVEN - Suhho Yoon - Korean - 9 / 10

A beautiful, yet deadly action game that combines fast-paced action with the tension of a Souls-like experience. the game also caters to various gaming tastes with beginner-friendly features and puzzles. While the lack of story buildup and the short length are disappointing, and the details of close-range to long-range combat swaps can be cumbersome, overall it’s an impressive piece.

Kakuchopurei - Alleef Ashaari - 60 / 100

Ultimately, Stellar Blade is a game that focuses on style over substance with aa developer being overly ambitious for their first AAA console title. Let’s hope that SHIFT UP continues to improve with their future games because with further refinement and a more specific tight focus on sharpening and honing its good mechanics instead of mixing everything in a mess like throwing crap at the wall to see what sticks, Stellar Blade could have turned out to be a much better game.

LevelUp - Ulises Contreras - Spanish - 9 / 10

Stellar Blade is a game that stands out for its excellent character design and lore, but its appeal goes beyond the beautiful visual aspect. It’s a really fun experience that we enjoyed due to its exceptional combat system, epic boss battles and enjoyable exploration. It’s a brave game that dares to challenge many current trends to become one of the top South Korean representatives in the gaming industry.

Nexus Hub - Sam Aberdeen - 8 / 10

Stellar Blade absolutely delivers on its stylish, demanding action, impressive visuals and memorable music, even if the story execution and writing stumbles at times.

One More Game - Chris Garcia - 8.5 / 10

Stellar Blade is an extremely impressive debut from Shift Up, serving up a combination of dynamic combat with visuals and animations that pay extreme attention to detail. Eve’s adventure is dressed up with the wrappings of a masterful soundtrack that resonates long after the game is finished, and there’s enough content to warrant a more thorough playthrough the second time around.

Stellar Blade’s story is sadly predictable, and characters like Eve prove hard to form an emotional connection with due to their relatively flat personalities, but the world and lore are intriguing enough to create more properties should the developers choose to do so. It doesn’t offer much in terms of groundbreaking innovation, but Stellar Blade is a competent and confident effort that will offer a good time worthy of your attention.

PSX Brasil - Portuguese - 90 / 100

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PowerUp! - Adam Mathew - 8 / 10

Stellar Blade is a provocative sword guard thumb-pop that ought to make every fan of the genre snap to attention.

Press Start - Harry Kalogirou - 9 / 10

Stellar Blade recalls the classic era of character-action games in truly inspired fashion. It might struggle to deliver on its core narrative, and its platforming is often more frustrating than it isn’t, but neither of those things are enough to bring down a thoroughly enjoyable action experience. It wears its inspirations on its sleeve, but manages to build on them in engaging fashion with a deliciously layered combat system and gorgeous presentation to boot.

Push Square - Sammy Barker - 8 / 10

Stellar Blade is a slick console debut from a developer clearly on the rise. With an ever-evolving counter-attacking combat system, some superb art direction, and a sensational soundtrack, this is the kind of back-to-basics PS5 outing that fans have been pleading for. A dire English dub and some trite story beats mean the studio still has plenty of room to refine its craft, but Eve’s inaugural outing is largely excellent across the board, and destined to become a firm favourite among PS5 enthusiasts.

Spaziogames - Gianluca Arena - Italian - 8.3 / 10

It’s much easier than we expected, and it lacks really fresh ideas, but Stellar Blade is a very solid first effort from korean team Shift Up and a bold new IP for the Playstation Studios, thanks to a fast and furious combat system and solid performances. We’re sincerely eager to see in which direction the devs will go from here in the future.

TechRaptor - Austin Suther - 9 / 10

Stellar Blade stands toe-to-toe with some of the best games of the character action genre. This package offers a satisfying combat system with plenty of progression, beautiful visuals, and one of the best soundtracks in years.

The Beta Network - Samuel Incze - 7 / 10

Stellar Blade is a fun hack-and-slash that leaves a little to be desired. The story is decent, the combat is challenging, but traversal and some mechanics bring the experience down. There is a lot to enjoy here, and despite its flaws, it should keep you entertained for a while.

TheSixthAxis - Gareth Chadwick - 7 / 10

Stellar Blade is a pretty enjoyable game to swing your hairband sword at, so long as you don’t mind the obvious sexualisation. There’s a few rough areas, but nothing to spoil things overall and there’s plenty of interesting story to uncover as you fight your way through giant monsters with circular saws for heads and weird tentacles for legs.

Tom’s Hardware Italia - Italian - 7.5 / 10

Stellar Blade, as remarked several times during the review, turns out to be a collection of elements taken by weight from other productions and put together into a composition that while cohesive, seems soulless.

Too Much Gaming - Carlos Hernandez - 3 / 5

Stellar Blade’s potential was clear, but as its ambitions expanded into something greater, it lost focus. As soon as Stellar Blade tries to bring everything together, it merges into a single figure that looks deformed and uneven. The quality is unquestionable but it wasn’t the final product I was slowly building in my head as I went through the game’s first half.

VGC - Tom Regan - 4 / 5

For those who wished that God of War Ragnarok offered a bit more challenge or that Bayonetta had a bit more weight to its combat, this slick sci-fi slasher is the perfect tonic, offering both the perfect entry point into the Souls-like genre and a refreshing refinement of the well-worn character action formula. It may lack the naval gazing intelligence of the excellent Nier Automata, but when you’re having this much fun, it’s hard to care.

VideoGamer - Jack Webb - 6 / 10

If you take just the combat and the music from Stellar Blade, you’ve got a fantastic game. Sadly, this is not the whole package. - Chris Boers - Dutch - 9 / 10

Stellar Blade combines great looks with thrilling fights. The game regularly borrows from the greatest games of today and combines that into an entertaining mix that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

    3 months ago

    Unskippable cutscenes in Boss fights is such a middle finger to gamers.

    3 months ago

    SavisGame Score: 7.5 out of 10

    Despite the weak story, Stellar Blade offers an enjoyable and exciting experience of action, adventure and science fiction. Smooth and attractive gameplay, varied combat moves and stunning graphics make this game one of the best action titles of the year, which we strongly recommend you to experience

    SavisGame Score: 7.5 out of 10