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Volunteer amateur systems administrator for Beehaw. Stay-at-home dad. Outdoor enthusiast.

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Farmington is right up the road from me. I hate winter and have plans to skip them.

Western beautiful mountainous Maine USA.

Severely depressed from a childhood of emotional/psychological/spiritual abuse. Was on a quest to find healing and “truth”.

Several weeks…I left a note.

I walked from Winston-Salem NC USA to Tulsa OK USA, when I was 19 years old, approximately 1000 miles.

I can fucking relax a little bit
Over the past 48 hours I have been glued to my screen trying to figure out how to make Beehaw more robust during this Reddit exodus. My eyes are burning but I am thankful for so much financial support as well as the work of two sysadmins that have given us all a breath of fresh air. One of the sysadmins was up until 2:30 am helping us out as a volunteer. I am so very grateful for persons such as this. Thank you all for your continued support and patience.

Personally, I don’t give a fuck about Reddit. Approximately, 3 million and climbing on the Fediverse. It’s not about quantity but quality.

Yes, see here.

I’ll be leveling with the sorcerer and playing endgame with the druid.

Have you tried reading the rest of the comments in this post? You may want to try that first.

I can say the following right now. My biological brother is trying to transition from working for his current employer to going out on his own. He has, roughly, 25 years of experience in this field that he wants me to be the CTO. If I agree, then I could be making 6 figures (or more) for the rest of my life.


I’m about to make more money than I ever imagined and I don’t know how I feel about that right now.

I’ll think about making a longer post about all of this in /c/chat sometime in the near future.

I will do everything in my power to keep it this way. Welcome to Beehaw.

At home I use the web…away from home I use Apollo.

If you want your own personal echo chamber, then this is what you’ll get.

Some have said that it’s one of their favorite Lemmy instances.

I watched this interview. Generally speaking, most interviews are choreographed before hand. This one, in particular, was about money/ratings.

Are you looking for a small but high quality Diablo 4 clan?
One of our members works on this: Please, join us:

You are the only mod there right now. So, either make me a mod and I’ll do it or you can. Does this sound like a good idea? Currently, there’s nothing in the sidebar.

Please, would anyone like to provide the benefits of using Thunderbird?

And Do It Yourself isn’t looking very good either. IMHO, all three admins may want to talk first before adding another community.

Cyber scammers target parents, grandparents for digital theft | 60 Minutes
Anyone can be duped by scammers. This is a huge problem that needs solutions.

New iOS app for Lemmy now available for testing
You can join the Mlem testing using the following link:

Supported devices are Android/Google TV; Nvidia Shield; Android-based TV boxes; Amazon FireTV.

To get around this you can install [SmartTubeNext]( Supported devices are Android/Google TV; Nvidia Shield; Android-based TV boxes; Amazon FireTV.

Windows screen recorder?
My youngest son wants to capture gameplay for his YouTube channel.

What the fuck was CNN thinking giving Mango Mussolini a stage?
So far, he's laughed and joked about a woman's right to an abortion and called a black police officer a thug. Trump is fucking insane and a worthless piece of flesh.

Reddit's Developer Platform?

Please, give us your feedback about the possibility of a new mobile Fediverse app
I made a post about this [here]( Please, comment there or here. Thank you.

Something I believe that is worth mentioning as far as engagement, activity on the fediverse -> high quality content
I've been using the web before it was the Internet that spawned outside of the university systems here in the US. I became a web developer and spent almost two decades in this field. There is one overarching aspect of websites that keeps people coming back and engaged. Namely, high quality content. The search engine algorithms are written to find it. The humans that use the Internet want it.

This is an incredible independent rock band. If you have the chance to see them, then please don't miss the opportunity. They have a lot of free content on YouTube if you need convincing.

> Wray said the country has “a bigger hacking program than every other major nation combined and have stolen more of our personal and corporate data than all other nations—big or small—combined.”

I'm very happy to admit that I've never used cryptocurrency and I never will.

No bullshit...and works great

[Non-paywalled link](