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Not trying to nitpick nor split hairs in order to cause drama. Would you, please, define what you mean by ‘personal’?

The most Hi-Res version of it that I could find is this one. Hopefully, the original negatives will be unearthed one day.

I understand where you are coming from. I just wanted to find an accessible source for most lay folk. And I’d encourage others to go down the rabbit hole a bit with this story if they are interested. I’ve done quite a bit of digging around this, particular, source and haven’t found anything that threw up red flags.

I’m not trying to proselytize you. I’m an agnostic myself. I’m, simply, asking what kind/type of proof would you require to be a little convinced that something is going on surrounding this phenomena.

The Origins of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Version 3
There is a senior Reddit user (11 years) that has been curating an info-graphic about this. Their most recent post/update is [here]( The info-graphic: ![](

We have all (and not just us three admins…some other ‘inner circle’ members) talked this out on Discord. For the time being, we are going to let this issue play out for a while since we are such a new instance. As time goes by this may become a more pressing issue. If it does, then we will address this by implementing some rules on the sidebar of /c/news.

Is anyone else getting excited about this game?

Empty threats from a bunch of losers. LMAO!

Very simple and straightforward explanation.

All computers, which range from the very infinitesimally small (found in most of our cars) all the way up to desktop, aren’t necessary for biological life to exist.

We have been, collectively, sold on the idea that we ‘need’ this technology. It’s capitalism 101. The ultra-wealthy using every tool available to convince the general public to buy all of this useless shit.

Then we all cave in, and give into the lie. We then proceed to see our neighbors having ‘more powerful’ technology and get envious. So, we look for more powerful things in order to ‘win’ the impossible battle of who has the best shit.

Capitalism strokes itself off over and over again until most of us are so fucking disillusioned and miserable.

The Republican Party should be dissolved. They only serve the 1% ultra-wealthy and not the everyday citizen. I’m still holding out hope that once most of the boomer generation dies off, then the GOP will start vanishing.

I believe that sugar is the leading contributor to the obesity epidemic in the western world.

Facilitating AskBibleScholars, Beehaw, R.E.M. Archive, a few discord servers, mountain hiking with my sons (and dog), gardening, etc.

Several years ago, when I first learned that Chrome was violating my privacy/security, I removed and replaced it with Firefox.

Right! Self improvement equaled improvement for my family. Absolutely.

I heard a short segment about this on NPR yesterday. I’m on a waiting list for a new 2022 Toyota Prius which I should have in the next couple of months. Therefore, this is something that I’ll be keeping an eye on.


Good riddance. Folks, cryptocurrencies and NFT are the largest grift/scam in our modern era.