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  • That’s why they play a whole different game than us. He isn’t worried about paying back that interest or loan, he’s trying to find a way to make that $2m pay him back 1% or more per interest period. They never have to consider the loan amount, because those interest and payments will be done in 10 years while the profits from that loan will explode into hundreds of millions.

    See? Anyone can do it, it’s honestly really fucking easy to come up with a million dollar idea. The hard part is that first couple million dollars. If you aren’t born with it, you will literally never have access to that type of wealth.

  • Why does Xi think he gets any say? He’s showing his full hand already, and it’s actually pathetic. Already saying that it will have to be taken by force. So he’s admitting that the people of Taiwan, if given a choice, may not choose to join China. Let’s give everyone a vote guaranteed by international overwatch, none of those mainland representatives.

    This is just another dictator having a whiny shitstorm threatening to take territory by force just because they want their historical empire.

  • And you are acting in bad faith. You set up a straw man argument so you can bash people for whatever their choice is. If you really meant to have actual discussion, you would. Instead you spout right-wing bullshit about “Biden bad boohoo”

    You say he is the genocidal one, while he is actively being pushed to change his ways and taking responsibility while correcting the behavior. Slowly but surely. As opposed to the other side, which literally just wants to drop a nuke on the situation.

    When people call you a bad-faith actor, it’s because you’re acting in bad faith.