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    Personally, I’d use the router to limit access to locations and times. It’s more reliable, easier to do, and lets you be less picky with your distro.

    Using a DNS level content blocker like Adblock DNS is a great option, IMHO, and is super easy to setup.

    (For the record, parent of 8 and 11 yr olds)

  • The original Metroid on NES was so freaking good back in the day. I’m in my late 40s at this point and I still hear songs or themes that make me go “that reminds me of Metroid”. The music was iconic.

    And it’s gotta be said, the original reveal that the hero of the game was a (gasp) girl! I am sure it had an effect on my young impressionable mind. And the good kind of effect, the kind that makes you realize girls can be bad ass too. So awesome!

  • Yeah I get it. It turns out subscription services are everywhere and have been for quite some time so there’s no need to really inform people about the pros and cons at this point.

    Sure I don’t own the games. But then again, I don’t tend to replay old games ever. There are SO MANY new games coming out all the time, I’ve never understood the urge to go back and replay an old game. Chances are there’s a new game out there that’s the same idea but better.

    My only point here is that GamePass Ultimate is basically paying more to have access on Windows AND Xbox and I don’t use the Windows version anymore. It will save me money when it’s time to renew. Hooray linux!

  • It’s one of my only regrets from switching to linux full time last summer: the PC side of my GamePass Ultimate subscription is now useless because it requires Windows. I get it, but it still bums me out.

    On the plus side, I prepaid using some crazy scam/exploit/deal/whatever from SlickDeals so it cost me like less than $100 for three years. And since I still use it on my Xbox regularly, I feel like it was still a… <glasses>… slick deal.

  • I remember being so insanely jazzed and proud that I got into the closed beta for SWTOR like VERY early. Wasn’t so fun when the game launched and I was already burnt out on it. lol

    To be fair, they didn’t address a lot of the main criticisms from beta so the game predictably sunk into “Free to play” hell not too long after. Shame, it had a lot of potential.

    Point is, I specifically did not sign up for this beta for the same reason as you. I think this one is worth waiting for.

  • I have cancer. It’s SUPER fun having to deal with drug shortages every fucking month, let me tell you. Nothing makes a cancer patient feel better than having to call around to local pharmacies to see who can fill a painkiller prescription. And you can’t call for a refill even a single day before your current scrip is out. So they can’t have it ready for you or set it aside. You run out and then you have to fucking FIGHT to not have to deal with withdrawal on top of the pain. EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.

    But you know, profits are more important than health care. So I get it. Can’t have CEO’s going hungry just because I’m in a little pain.

  • Short version: How do I install apps onto a different partition from the default in Pop_OS! (preferably from within the Pop Shop GUI)?

    Long version: I have a dual boot with Windows and I shrunk my Win partition to install linux and eventually realized I wanted more space on the linux side so I shrunk my windows partition again. But Linux won’t let me grow the existing partition since the free space isn’t contiguous. Since I don’t want to reinstall everything, I just created a data partition and have been using that for Steam installs. But I am still running low so yeah, looking to move some apps and realized it doesn’t actually ask me where to install when I install. I saw this thread and figured I’d just ask.

  • The DLC’s add a ton to the game. New storylines, new sectors (more space), new ships and buildings, new mechanics (in some), etc.

    Do I think you need them all at the start? Probably not? I don’t know how much things cost at this point since I’ve gotten all the DLC’s when they came out since I got the game so it’s hard for me to say whether it’s “worth it” price wise. But just from a content and fun standpoint? They add a LOT to the game and are worth having for sure.

    IMHO, the Split ships are the ones I prefer flying generally, so I would recommend that DLC if nothing else. But every faction has one or two ships that are best in class, it’s balanced nicely that way. I just know that if I had to start the game from scratch without Split ships, I would be sad. :-D

  • This game scratches an itch for me that very few games do. Starting from nothing but a single scout ship and building and empire with fleets of capital ships and miners and traders… and not just owning stations, but building them module by module. There are so many different ways to play this game, from pirate lord to corporate shill to business mogul. You can follow one of the many story lines or strike out on your own from day one. sigh I really enjoy this game.

    And I thought they were done updating it two updates and one DLC ago. Yet here we are with more improvements. How lucky are we?!!