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  • Thank you for that! It was really interesting and informative, I appreciate the time it took. I have a vague idea that civil litigation is pursued largely out of the principle of the matter, and that’s fine if you’re a billionaire suing for a dollar… but these women weren’t rich and no doubt incurred debt by having to move/go into hiding, when they did absolutely nothing wrong. I feel like they should get a couple of million right now - enough to clear their debts, pay off the house/car and have a long holiday. As scummy as those lenders sound, maybe that’s the best move for these claimants, especially the older one. I think I’d rather have a couple of mil now than fight (probably unsuccessfully) for £70m each over the next decade.

  • I didn’t want to say it if it wasn’t already on your radar, but I have PoTS and know a number of people with jejunostomy feeding tubes due to their gastroparesis. I even know a girl on parenteral nutrition. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with nausea as their main symptom though so I didn’t think of PoTS until you mentioned you’d researched it.

    I love the acknowledgment that it’s not your body - you sound like a loving, supportive partner 🙂 Sometimes the “answer” seems so simple when you’re not the patient but when you’re chronically ill, you’ve already lost so much control over your body… having to take a drug you don’t want to feels like a step too far. It’s hard to explain and I’m not doing a very good job!

    THC is not remotely in the same category of awfulness as a feeding tube so I’m glad she’ll probably try that first. And you don’t need to get high high to feel the anti-nausea/pro-appetite benefits - I use less than 0.25gm a day, maybe even half that and it does the trick just fine. Wishing your wife better soon!

  • I’m a really big reader and have had 4 or 5 kindles now. My latest is the oasis and it was a considerable payout for me but I absolutely love it. I rarely pay for books, but kindles have a send-to-kindle function so you can download books from anywhere in any of the main formats and just email it to your kindle.

    E-reader screens can seem really basic to the uninitiated but the paper white/oasis is just like reading from a book imo. Except you can read it in the dark too.