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  • SmktoQuébecÀ la ministre Duranceau
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    Des fois, j’ai l’impression qu’on est tellement rendu avancée dans nos connaissances économiques et qu’on calcule tellement tout qu’on en perd notre humanité.

    C’est triste que le logement c’est des investissements froids, comme des actions. Si ta feuille excel te dis que tu feras pas assez de cash ou que tu pourrais en faire plus en clearant les locataires, on se pose plus la question.

  • The sad thing about high taxes like that is that it can penalize normal people with a normal, high income job. 400k won’t probably matter but in my experience, I have a high salary and I don’t have the time or even the money to hire a bunch of people to optimize my taxes in a tax free-heaven paradise.

    Normal working people shouldn’t be taxed like crazy. Corporation is the thing we want to target. Large corporations. They have the mean to evade the laws.

    The common man and women does not. Even if you have a small company, you do not have the time or the money to ignore the laws or taxes.

    Capitalism isn’t made for big corporations. It is made for small company competing with each other. How the fuck the common Man is supposed to compete with Walmart? Like, what??

  • I think that’s how it should be and probably used to be. A lot of landlords with very few rentals.

    Nowadays, we have literal company optimizing everything to get the most out of their investment. If they can increase, they will.

    A landlord that does this as a side business won’t necessarily increase the rent because he will prefer to have a good relationship because he does not want to spend all his time searching for new tenants.