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  • SamuelRJankis@lemmy.worldtoCanadaPMR: MP Pensions
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    109 second video from 2012. This is going to be a rather long summary for a short video,

    • Video starts off by saying the one thing political pundits agree on is slashing the MP’s pensions
    • Pierre qualified for a full pension at 31 because he got elected straight out of school
    • How he’s done nothing but is a expert in everything
    • We’d avoid people like this in real life but the House of Commons is crawling with them

    • He wants better MP’s
    • Taking off to Ottawa for 6 to 7 years is bad for the career and family
    • Are we going to attract better MP by making the job less desirable
    • End with “say when it comes to MPs instead of all of us piling on and lowering the bar let’s aim high for a change”

  • I don’t think the Liberal are willing to sacrifice their entire future as the one of the two alternating parties in order to gain a few more seats.

    338 on a federal level projects them for 67 seats and 24% ± 3% on the popular vote. That translates to 85-91 seats which is a decent gain.

    However this would mean the Liberal will likely never get anything close to majority again. I would also believe they would slowly dwindle in popularity with a rise of smaller parties. That’s a lot give up for 24 more seats for 4 years.

  • It’s plausible that Trudeau could want to push through voting reform as one last move to salvage something since him losing the next election likely spells the end of his political career.

    The problem is the Liberals as a whole. It pretty predictable Conservatives are going to do a horrible job and by the 2029ish election the tables will be flipped and Liberal will only need to campaign on not being a disaster of a party like the incumbents.

  • America is ramping up their production again and it will very likely be part of the trade agreements to be supportive their endeavor which leave us once again in a rather awkward position.

    I’d like to think a competent government would be able to take advantage from both the American and Chinese subsidies, but I have feeling we lose out on the cheap decent Chinese cars while finding ourselves on the losing end of a North American trade agreement.