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  • Carbon pricing is not intended to redistribute wealth.

    Then what’s the fucking point. Wealth distribution is core of all problems in society.

    we also don’t have evidence of this.

    Wrong. You can literally do it with your own taxes. Go look up the corporate taxes for any public company (they’re public so they publish those numbers), and figure out what percentage of that company’s total wealth it is. Then compare that with how much tax you paid as a percentage of your total wealth.

    You can even do it with billionaires because some of them, like musk, actually voluntarily share that info. Last year I paid over 20% of my total wealth in income tax alone, musk paid less 4%.

  • Aren’t corporations exempt from the tax and allowed to buy carbon credits at a much lower price instead? And aren’t entire industries exempt, like agriculture (the single largest generator of carbon emissions in Canada)?

    And don’t those rebates for the carbon tax stop at just $61k income for an individual? Thats barely enough to buy a 50 year old trailer in BC (and you don’t own the land it’s on) last I checked. Considering the cost of living I’m sure that “low income” cutoff is way too low.

    All that amounts to middle class people who are barely making their mortgage payments paying more than corporate giants are.

    When you measure tax contributions as a percentage of total wealth, corporations and ultra rich always pay less than everyone else.