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  • I went way overboard speccing mine so thenAussie tax was a big hit. Including the RAM & SSDs I sourced separately, over $5K 😭 I find the FW13 is reasonable comparable to similar 13in laptops, but the FW16 is pricier than comparable 16in laptops. Windows ones that is. As I’ve specced it its a total bargain compared to a 16in Macbook. That said, I was willing to eat the price difference for the modularity, the potential for future upgrades & to back Framework’s mission.

    Also yes, I’m also desperately waiting for the release of an oculink module.

  • Never had any issues with the unit. As mentioned I have an old 4x4 with an aftermarket head unit (Sony XAV-AX5000) and have never experienced any audio issues. This car is our family “adventure vehicle” so we use it for long road trips and camping adventures - in short when it gets driven it’s often for a longer multi-hour journey, with music playing the whole way

  • I haven’t tried the multiple phone song and dance on the unit. It lives in my old 4x4 which my wife refuses to drive.

    We do have a similar issue with our other car however '05 Subaru Forester (non Android Auto). It randomly connects phones - as in I can be sitting in the car, start up to go somewhere and the car connects to my wife’s phone while she and it are in the house. The only reliable option I’ve found (only practical if we’re both in the car) is to quickly tap Bluetooth off on one phone before starting the car. If your Honda is starting with a Bluetooth connection, then I’m guessing the same solution should work.