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  • Why does Biden and his supporters sound more and more like trump every fucking day?

    That part. That’s what broke me. Ffs, if you must go militant, do it for the most good of most people who are also tired, without access to good food, health care at all, in most cases, and stable housing, not for less than the crumbs they used to throw us, when they actually saw us as a threat* to their very entrenched power. Make then earn the votes they seem to think they are entitled to, like they claim we think we are entitled to living wages, single payer, clean water, nutritious, decent food, clean air, homes, health care, time for adequate rest, recreation and taking care of personal responsibilities. Joe needs an 8 pm bedtime while most of us are running on empty, in every way.

  • He trotted out the Clintons and every crappy Democrat after that to prove his point. We’re not going to achieve anything with the majority consensus. We’ve got to reach those that those people deemed as not important enough to worry about. And I doubt it starts with voting.

  • I’m seeing it differently. Those were what scraps controlling interests tossed us to keep themselves in control. Lincoln did not write the emancipation proclamation because he was an abolitionist, and he said so. A chicken in every pot was not Roosevelt’s starting position. So these huge philanthropy orgs started by the corporate overlords, as well. Bare bones were better than nothing, but didn’t keep us from starving. Hushpuppies filled a gnawing emptiness, but didn’t nourish us. Every slight gain we made was hard fought, and it was the bare minimum the controlling interests felt they needed to concede to retain control. We grew complacent, because our bellies are filled with garbage and we’re still overworked, under-healthy, undereducated. They want us smart enough to understand and follow orders, not smart enough to question them; healthy enough to keep slaving for them, not claim real time for families, rest , recreation, let alone revolt. And they’ve been slowly testing our breaking point, and now they’re messing with entertainment (not art by a stretch). We like Bart and American Dad and Bob’s Burgers. They are not commiserating or laughing with us. They’re laughing at us, all the way to their banks.