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  • Have we ever thought they were a solution and not just a stopgap?

    Until proper alternatives are fully operational, EVs are not the worst thing.

    You’re undercutting your own argument here.

    EVs make sense in rural contexts, but that is and will always be a niche application. We can’t afford to ignore the bigger picture - most people live in cities. There are more efficient and better options to decarbonize cities than electric cars.

    As the other commenter pointed out, electric cars are a step. A lot of people living in cities are ready to go farther now though. Let’s not ignore them or get in their way.

  • Getting rid of the efficiencies defence is a good start.

    The article also hints at a deeper problem of land use. Zoning is limiting the space where new competitors can establish themselves. The established conglomerates buy up what little land is available.

    Provincial governments need to tax ground rents so the revenue gets used to foster competition, not lining billionaires’ pockets.

    Municipalities need to open up the suburbs to become denser mixed use spaces, where small businesses can develop and thrive.