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Announcing /c/ModelRevolution
Clearly most of us are still living in this capitalism system that we dislike. Many of us have read theory. But very few of us have participated in any simulation to practice that theory. This sub aims to change that. See https://lemmy.ml/post/150552

c/antiwork is officially partnered with a Telegram, Discord and IRC now!
* [Matrix](https://matrix.to/#/#antiwork:matrix.org) * [Telegram](https://t.me/antiwork_chat) * [Discord](https://discord.gg/hbtukJCqc9) (channel: #antiwork) * IRC: #antiwork on [IRCNow.org](https://ircnow.org/) (i.e., connect to ircs://irc.ircnow.org and `/join #antiwork`) Keep the partnerships coming folks. Keep on extending that matrix bridge. A facebook group or other partnership seems like a good step.

I knew there was a reason they didn’t want to list us on their list of other antiwork communities. If the wallstreet bet squeeze works and antiwork fails, it’ll be due to infighting. Specifically leftist infighting as oppose to all of us focusing on the goal of antiwork.

I’m so used to seeing spam on midwest.social, I thought this was spam

i think it’ll better serve the foss community if we leave the subreddit unlocked. That way users will post content there, which will increase subscriptions which should increase the number of users who see the referal links.

Are you saving for retirement? Why or why not?
Cross posting from hexbear, https://www.hexbear.net/post/164153

Did your financial situation improve after you begun co-habitating with a romantic partner?
Improve being you got more wealth. If yes, roughly, by how much? Cross posting from hexbear https://www.hexbear.net/post/163818

The fee saves a person from having to set up a hs and bridges themself it seems. But a telegram and discord bridge are very easy to set up already (https://www.t2host.io/discord/), so people will probably use it for the other bridges.


People who had recovered from COVID-19, including those no longer reporting symptoms, exhibited significant cognitive deficits versus controls when controlling for age, gender, education level, income, racial-ethnic group, pre-existing medical disorders, tiredness, depression and anxiety. The deficits were of substantial effect size for people who had been hospitalised (N = 192), but also for non-hospitalised cases who had biological confirmation of COVID-19 infection (N = 326). Analysing markers of premorbid intelligence did not support these differences being present prior to infection. Finer grained analysis of performance across sub-tests supported the hypothesis that COVID-19 has a multi-domain impact on human cognition.

Use lemmy/fediverse as your pastebin
cross-posted from: https://midwest.social/post/27635 > text storage sublemmy, it can be used to help promote lemmy by linking to c/pastebin over say a commercial pastebin website

Announcing: c/pastebin
text storage sublemmy, it can be used to help promote lemmy by linking to c/pastebin over say a commercial pastebin website

As a huge matrix/element fan, I’d be very happy to set up a telegram-group bridge to a matrix room for you

https://midwest.social/c/announcements@lemmy.ml (pictured) is a dumpster fire but lemmy.ml/c/announcements is good these links refer to the same community

Announcing: c/ Ominous Music
What is ominous music? I'm not sure really, But it should have an evil air to it. [Example](https://matrix-client.matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/converser.eu/ywlEufDOHsShWlqMAWzNnQwo) Is there a better term for this? Ominous (adj): Specifically, giving indication of a coming ill; being an evil omen

Support FOSS, then closed/capitalist alternative then the main closed/capitalist thing
Ex: Support (play): 1. [tuxemon](https://github.com/Tuxemon/Tuxemon), (foss) if not then 2. [temtem](https://peervideo.ru/w/tqmt5R4UXXt7saMEHtppdd) (closed source alternative i think) only then should someone support 3. pokemon

Imo, lemmy the software has a few glitches that make federation work less well than it should. Getting those fixed will help.