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  • Why not?

    If i am going to be supporting creators I think YT premium would be the way I would do it.

    YouTube Premium is super helpful in distributing money automatically to creators without needing to think about it.

    I have many many creators I tune in and out of I am not going to be trying to manage all of their patreons and trying to manage all of that.

    Honestly I have to much crap already, 99% of merch is just garbage IMO that i will never use and don’t need.

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    22 days ago

    We are just stuck in our ways over here. We just got tap payments a few years ago. Even then some vendors still don’t support tap to pay lol.

    I always wondered why the US seems to be a hold out for adopting new technology. It might just because out government is extra slow at getting anything accomplished.

    For SMS I wondered if it has something do with communicating between countries. In your experience was their extra charges involved with sending a SMS to someone in another country. (Back in the day when SMS was popular)

    Here in the US we can SMS to anyone within the US for no extra charge. And we mostly talk amongst ourselves over here. So cost wise it isn’t an issues. If I was talking to people outside the US there is no way I would use SMS.

  • After my 5 seconds of research, it seems like those SHAFT rules are more for marketing campaigns when your sending out sms messages on mass. Not for Bob and Susan talking about the latest politics. Not sure why OP is getting limited. I can swear over my Google Voice message and I don’t have any issues. I am pretty sure that is SMS over VIOP.