Adora got left in lemmygrad, and I’m now stuck in this place with ya’ll, so its just me for now.

Cats are arguably better than dogs, despite their medically proven psychosis


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the baby

from experience, I don’t think sleep is something they get much at this point anyway.

Exactly! He is being very fucking generous to those who genocides his people and culture.

Sending all my well wishes and luck right now!

also some hugs 🫂🫂🫂🫂

I profusely apologize, pirate lord, I will fight to walk in your footsteps

They really want to turn us into pirates don’t they

well yo fuckin ho here we go!

liberals aren’t left. But the Communist party’s leadership needs a major re-orient. The main of the party is quite radical and could easily become a truly dangerous opposition to the main party of the RF.

And my fears are confirmed. The Right is not losing steam in nordic social democracies, but gaining it.

Do you like having wrong opinions or does it just come naturally? Like, this is not even just liberal chauvinism, this is extra imperialist viewpoints.

I hate this fucking conflict

But they live under evil tankism, checkmate stalinists! So what if we die earlier?! Thats just the price for living in the world’s best country!

You should be sorry for occupying the homeland of countless others. This country is built on the imperialism and genocide of countless civilizations. That is a fact. I say it is worth it to destroy everything for the people that are left. They deserve their homes back, and its the american’s fault if that results in their downfall.

-posts racism

-But what about his free speech?

For fucking racism, yes. Its better than what they deserve to be honest: a gun to the head.

No one is going to pay attention, but maybe charities could give them an extra table scrap this winter.

And genocide! Lmao 20 bucks it explodes anyway.

hopefully with no one inside though

For real? Holy shit I just looked! They canceled it a bunch! Do they really think they can jump from 0 to 100 and start a space race?

I mean, death? This is online! Its not hard to press a bunch of keys and hit enter. You love being very dramatic don’t you?

Why the image though, it doesn’t make sense in context. Its pointless to needle.

It has nothing to do with any particular Lemmy instance; it’s my personal question

we both know this is a lie

I signed up for gym again, adjusted the diet accordingly but keep postponing visits to doctors because in the short run it doesn’t seem to matter. I’ll try to push myself the next month.

Self improvement is always a good thing to try! You got this!

Met some MLs IRL. Very good weekend overall.

hopefully its not shit like the other recent ones

I liked odyssey though


What was the Enron accounting scandal? Some sources would be appreciated.
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