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  • This reads like a sideways “leave the bike at home or you’ll die” post, but assuming the satirical tone is my own dark-humor brain, it does make sense to have things in order regardless of transportation methods. Fatal car wrecks happen every day.

    To clarify, I don’t live in a city, I live about 30 minutes outside of one, where almost everything is a 20+ minute drive. And it wouldn’t be my main mode of transportation (I couldn’t bike to work, I’m uncomfortable walking to my car at night when I get off, there’s no way I’d bike home), just quick runs to the closest grocery store, or maybe some trips to the coffee shops that I’ve noticed I pass while driving to my longer errands.

  • When possum Peter woke up early wanting bugs to eat

    He decided some fresh fruits could also be a treat.

    Remembering the month was June, he made sure to grab his flag

    Not wanting anyone to think his motivation lag

    “Oh Peter please, don’t use that one!” His neighbor implored

    “But it’s true of me” of this conversation, Peter was bored.

    It wasn’t one or other: he didn’t have to decide.

    Peter carried his bi flag, on his errand, with pride.

  • Mine too! I feel like it’s the best way to avoid wasting yarn. As for your question, if I’m starting with a skein/anything hard to pull from, I make it into one ball. Then I borrow my husband’s kitchen scale, tare it with a yarn bowl, and weigh the ball of yarn in grams. Leaving the ball on the scale, I hand roll a ball from the end until the number on the scale is half of the original number. I even swap the balls to make sure they weigh the same. Then I cut the yarn between the balls and just hope my gauge stays consistent enough to use up the yarn at the same rate!