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  • Hey I used to be one of those conservatives.

    In a previous thread a while back I got curb-stomped for daring to suggest that there were conservatives that weren’t “republicans”; that there were in fact conservatives who maybe don’t believe in things like gay marriage, etc…, who go to church, wait for marriage, and all that; But who ALSO don’t actually give two shits about what other people do with their lives and don’t really want to push their beliefs around. They just want to live their lives and let everyone else live there.

    My suggestion that these people exist and that it’s likely that these people don’t vote was met with being told that ALL conservatives are bad regardless of whether they register as republicans or not.

    I live in an area of Canada that is surrounded by exactly those type of people. They aren’t liberal minded, they don’t believe in a lot of those things, but when asked if they should force those beliefs on others through government action they’d all say fuck no. Live and let live.

    But apparently I’m naive (according to that other thread)

  •[Mega thread] - Biden ends bid for presidency
    19 hours ago

    I wouldn’t say sexy. But I’ll say this about Kelly;

    Mark Kelly is the embodiment of everything that Conservative America thinks it stands for. When white christian families tuck their kids into the bed at night and tell them about people they should be looking up to and idolizing, it’s Kelly. War Hero, Fighter Pilot, Astronaut from a family of cops.

    The twist that he’s a democrat and believes in everything they in reality hate will break MAGA’s fucking brain, and (I think) bring in a lot of what I can “non-republican conservatives”; ie, people who are among the 40% of Americans who don’t vote because, while they live a christian-conservative lifestyle, they don’t necessarily believe in the Republican bullshit.

  • Adderbox76toLinux@lemmy.mlHow FOSS is your setup?
    19 hours ago

    Hard to pin a number on it, percentage-wise.

    • Desktop and laptop are both running Linux.
    • Chromebook wiped and running Linux.
    • Most software, but definitely not all. Steam, Resolve being the two biggest non-foss items on my desktop, while my ex-Chromebook has a proprietary screenwriting program, as well as OnlyOffice instead of LibreOffice because I need much better Excel compatibility for work and LO still isn’t quite there for it.
    • Phone android. But not entirely de-googled. Replaced drive with syncthing, keep with Joplin, photos, phone, and messenger with their Fossify equivalents and disabled the originals. Replaced gboard with heliboard, etc…

    But can’t/won’t completely replace the OS yet because both google pay and android auto are essential to me and getting them working on most replacements is still a royal pain in the butt.

    So let’s call it 80%, maybe a bit more?

  • Fucking hell its exhausting trying to keep one step ahead of having this AI bullshit shoved into every service I use.

    I’m not against AI. I’m just against it being embedded in literally everything. I

    If I want to “consult” an AI to have it look at my code for syntax errors or something like that, I’ll go to its website and use it from there, accepting that yes… That particular bit of code or text is going to be scraped.

    But the step from there to "always be reading everything I do is fucking massive.

  • Calling it now: He’s slowly working up to dropping out without “losing face”

    Step one: Casually mention in an interview that you’d consider dropping if a health reason popped up. Step two: Coincidentally, get a health issue shortly afterwards. Step three: Casually make it known that you’re “more open” to call to step aside.

    It’s not a coincidence that he got COVID and made the health comment within a day of each other. I’m not saying he doesn’t have COVID. I’m saying he and his team knew about earlier than they announced it, and decided to drop that nugget in an interview beforehand in order to pave the way.

  • It’s been a long time since I last installed Linux on a two hard-drive system, so take this advice as “likely not necessary, but will probably fix your issue”

    The installer asks whether or not you want to “replace” the existing OS or install alongside. And if you’re fairly new to linux (like I was at the time) it can be tricky to see at a glance which hard-drive you want to install it to and which you don’t.

    So to be doubly cautious and make sure that didn’t happen, I simply unplugged my secondary harddrive during the install so that the installer would automatically be reading the correct one. Then all I had to do was choose “replace” or “install alongside” without worrying about anything else.

    The drawback to that was, once the install was complete and I re-attached my second drive, I had to configure it to auto-mount and do some work on that, but at least my computer was working.