This is my backup lemmy profile. My main lemmy profile is @[email protected].

My main fediverse account is @[email protected]

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  • Ada@lemmy.mlMtoAsklemmy@lemmy.mlWho went "full fedi" yet?
    7 months ago

    xitter for mastodon

    This was step 1 for me, and it happened at the first rumbling of Musk taking over, though I don’t use Mastodon.

    traded reddit for lemmy/kbin

    This was step 2. I was using reddit and lemmy side by side, though mostly ignoring reddit, until the API change came through. I deleted my reddit account then and haven’t looked back.

    discord for matrix

    I did this a few months ago.

    youtube for peertube

    I don’t really use either…

  • I have never used Tumblr, and I have no idea whether it’s chronological or whether it has an algorithm, but if it does use an algorithm, I can’t imagine that changing when they join the fediverse. But even if most of them get an algorithmic feed combining tumblr and greater fediverse content, as long as I can access their content on my own terms, it’s all good to me. Even if tumblr pulls lots of users away from smaller instances, it still works out ok because I can still control how I consume their content.

    It only becomes a problem if tumblr pulls people away from the greater fediverse, and then disconnects from it, but that’s a different issue altogether, and one that worries me more than algorithms

  • I mean honestly, it doesn’t seem like it matters to me. An instance gets a feed from instances it has federated with. What difference does it make if one instance orders that content differently to another? It becomes another point of differentiation between instances, and non algorithmic options will always remain available at the instance level, and presumably even the user level