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Bisexuals are not always attracted to men and women. A bisexual is simply someone that is attracted to two or more genders. That typically includes men and women, but doesn’t have to.

What a lemmy group does is something akin to “boosting” any content published to it.

So, lets say you make your post from beehaw to lemmy_support on lemmy_support will see your post and then “boost” it, so anyone that follows lemmy_support (ie, is subscribed to it) will see the “boost” (though it doesn’t look like a boost through the specialised lemmy interface).

The main issue is that lemmy is basically just 2 devs trying to work around their own lives, jobs and running this instance. Now that more attention is coming to lemmy, it will be interesting to see if they start to get more devs offering their changes to the project

If you’re on beehaw, then beehaw is the source of truth for your posts. Other instances (such as will see and store copies of your content (and can choose to reject it outright), but the original is always your own instance.

Make sure you have “undetermined” set in your list of spoken languages. And if you’re the admin of the server, make sure it’s listed as an available language for users to select.

Most content that comes to lemmy doesn’t have language tags, and “undetermined” is the only way to see that content

I believe the closest you can do at the moment is make a community moderators only, and then make the people you want moderators of that community. That isn’t really what you want though, because everyone can still read it.

Crusader Kings and EVE Online. I wish I still had the time to play EVE

They are based on a fork of lemmy that added features that made it incompatible with lemmy. However, there is an active body of work taking place to bring it back to lemmy compatability and allow federation to take place again.

I’m not sure where that work is at though

At the moment, all I see is the apple reality distortion field.

I mean, I’m visible, open and proud every day. I won’t be do anything specifically different this month though, because Pride isn’t until September here (in Spring instead of Winter)

I’m just happy to see more users and more activity. I admin an instance, so I’m not too worried about toxicty, as I can dump any regular sources of trouble

Fans, and a general preference for being hot and sweaty over wearing thick/multiple layers of clothing to avoid the cold

We have open approvals. But lemmy still triggers this email. I leave it on so that I can manually track new joins and check them out if they look questionable

We have open approvals, but also emails when people register. It lets me skim usernames and check out new accounts manually, whilst also having open registration

Mastodon around a year ago. Hopped around to a few mastodon instances before finding alternatives. Been running multiple fediverse instances since then (and none of them are mastodon)

I joined maybe 6 months ago as I was exploring the fediverse. Fell in love with it, and spun up an instance with my partner. It’s been sitting here quietly most of that time, but has exploded recently!

Why should we just accept that some naïve twitter refugees have misassociated the Fediverse as being just Mastodon?

Because no amount of ideological objection will change the fact that this is exactly what has happened. People are using it this way, and what I was trying to raise here is a way to talk about this particular niche of the web without running in exactly the same problem with lemmy

tfw you run a lemmy instance
My email at the moment ![]( Image Description: A screen snippet from an email client showing 18 emails reading "- has applied to join". The usernames have been manually edited out. of the image snippet.

That’s the best idea I’ve heard yet. It’s not very “cool” but it solves the problem perfectly :)

What prompted this was trying to refer to the growth of the userbase on the federated Reddit alternatives as a distinct niche within the fediverse.

What do we call the Lemmy/Kbin Universe?
The lemmyverse sounds perfect, but it ignores alternatives like kbin etc. It would be better if we didn't end up with the situation we have with Mastodon where people assume Mastodon is the fediverse. So, what do we call this little niche in the fediverse? Communiverse? FediGroups? #lemmy #kbin #fediverse #communiverse #FediGroups

Crusader Kings 2/3 and Deep Rock Galactic!

#ck2 #ck3 #DeepRockGalactic

It’s likely your language settings. Make sure the instance (and you as a user) have undetermined listed in your available languages

(This post set to English)

It’s likely your language settings. Make sure the instance (and you as a user) have undetermined listed in your available languages > This post set to English

(This post was set to Undetermined, and you likely won’t see it)

I’d raise my hand, but our own instance is blowing up, so it’s probably not a good idea :)

That’s the way ActivityPub federation works. It’s built on ActivityPub.

There isn’t one that offers federation in the way you want it

It avoids centralisation. You can simply defederate from nazi instances, and the whole platform can’t be sold out from underneath you.

And for someone like me, who is trans and runs several instances for the gender diverse community, I’m able to curate the experience so my users don’t experience constant hate and aggression. So if someone is posting transphobic stuff that doesn’t get actioned on their home instance, I can block that user (or their whole instance) from mine even if I’m not a moderator of the community.

They do replicate

So in this case and are two different communities, both of which can be followed, and both of which federate to anyone that follows them.

It’s similar to the way multiple closely related subs can exist on reddit. And it will resolve in the same way, with the users ultimately deciding

The same problem existed on reddit, and it will resolve in the same way. There are often overlapping communities, but ultimately, the users will decide what works, and one or two of them will win out.

You could try

It’s a searchable community list rather than an instance list, but it might lead you to finding instances if you see where the group you’re interested in is running from

It’s a bit of both, but it’s also instance specific. Most of it comes from lemmygrad, because there is a lot of cross federation between users and groups on and lemmygrad. On a smaller instance without much interaction with lemmygrad, you won’t see the same scenario

One of us! One of us!

There are instances that offer that. And there are instances that prioritise protection of vulnerable minorities over free speech. The advantage of federation

Yeah, we have a lemmy too! Basically, I tried to join some lemmy instances, but had to wait too long for account approval, so we decided to spin up our own instance. There’s no integration at the moment, aside from those included in default federation.

Same admins though :)

Migration support, including your old posts

The lead dev goes by the handle ThatOneCalculator, which is where the name came from, back when it was a single person project :)

Both? I started using it because it’s on the fediverse, and I keep using it because it’s on the fediverse and it isn’t reddit

Inbox RSS feeds are wonky
Whenever I click on a link to a comment in the Inbox RSS feed, it gives me the following error `"404: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'send')"`

Do reports federate?
If someone reports a user from another instance, does the report get federated to the instance from which the user is based? Bonus question, what about when the comment was made from a Lemmy platform like Mastodon?

Registered user list for admins?
Without digging around in the DB, is there a way for an admin to easily see registered users on an instance? I turned off admin approval for new accounts, and a few people have registered, but aside from the initial email, I have no easy way to see who they are or what their activity has been.

So this feels big! I'm curious how feature compatible it is going to be with Lemmy #ActivityPub #Lemmy #Discourse
fedilink ![](

Upgrade done, but post previous posts are spotty
We run our own instance, and just upgraded. After the upgrade, a bunch of the communities I have subscribed to on other lemmy instances aren't showing historic content that our instance was aware of before the upgrade. Also, approximately half of my subscribed communities were showing the subscription as pending, despite them not being pending prior to the upgrade Did we do something wrong, or is this a known issue?

Welcome to another episode of Last Week in the Fediverse! The major theme of this week is news around technical infrastructure. experiences a DDoS attack, Twitter shuts down free access to the API, Stanford is called on by the community to start their own Mastodon server, and new tools get released with some interesting implications on the capabilities of the fediverse. Before we start: I prefer to write little about Twitter. Its already enough in the news as it is, with other publications covering it very well. Today I do cover it, but only the implications that this has on the fediverse, which turn out to be pretty significant. Lets get started!

New Calckey flagship instance and new Calckey release
cross-posted from: > Calckey just released version 13.1, but far more interestingly, it coincides with a new flagship instance for Calckey, [](! > > […]( > > [\#Calckey]( [#Fediverse]( [#Microfedi]( > > [@calckey](

Can’t post pictures from Friendica
cross-posted from: > When I try to post images/pictures from my Friendica account to a Lemmy community, it just never appears. It works fine with just text or links. Any idea why that is?

cross-posted from: > ![](

Two new communities, /c/calckey and /c/friendica
Both unofficial, but I noticed that they were missing communities on lemmy, and decided to fix that! [/c/calckey](/c/ [/c/friendica](/c/

Formatting links to remote communities?
How do I format a link to a remote lemmy community that allows someone to subscribe to it directly from their own instance? An example of such a post is here This is a post made for a community on, posted to and viewed through my instance Whichever instance you view it on, the link formats so that you can subscribe to it directly from the instance you are viewing it on. I’ve tried using /c/communityname formatting, but that doesn’t seem to work.

Can a Human See a Single Photon? Lemmy
> > The researchers found that about 90 photons had to enter the eye for a 60% success rate in responding. Since only about 10% of photons arriving at the eye actually reach the retina, this means that about 9 photons were actually required at the receptors. Since the photons would have been spread over about 350 rods, the experimenters were able to conclude statistically that the rods must be responding to single photons, even if the subjects were not able to see such photons when they arrived too infrequently. > Piecing these and your findings together, it hints to an interesting sub-question, what do we really mean when we ask the original question? > Can the human eye physically detect it? Seems like…yes? > Which suggests the subsequent physiological thresholds involved, various human signal processing chains etc. What a fascinating topic. > The choice of a 60% success rate is an interesting one, too.

cross-posted from: > In short, the existing research on quote tweets on Twitter suggest that they're not a significant vector for toxicity. > > >

cross-posted from: > Now this is interesting. A Fediverse platform developed by Cloudflare that inherently runs on Cloudflare without needing dedicated infrastructure. > > The code is open source yet the platform itself is inherently proprietary. It's going to be very interesting how this unfolds given how unpopular Cloudflare is with many Fediverse admins

The future is disruptive, and I can’t wait!
This is a post I originally made on my #calckey account, but I think it belongs here too. == The more I use different #fediverse apps, the more I feel that we are on the edge of a different future, in the early stages of something that we haven't seen before. In the last few months, I've used #Mastodon, #Misskey, #Calckey, #Funkwhale, #lemmy, #Peertube, #Bookwyrm and #Pixelfed. Soon, I'm going to try an install of #kbin. In the not too distant future, we will see #GreatApe bringing more options for video chat to the Fediverse. There are countless more platforms that I haven't had a chance to try. The network formed by the interconnections between those apps is the Fediverse; a Federated Universe. Federated, because everything out there is connected with everything else, in one giant network. What I am truly beginning to appreciate is just how real that vision is, and just how disruptive to our future it's going to be. More than a truism, these the fediverse platforms really will allow us to see and interact with nearly anything else out there. The platform we use no longer determines the information we can access; it doesn't build walls around us. Instead, what out choice of platform determines, is how we interact with information, rather than determining what information we are able interact with in the first place. The walls in the walled garden haven't so much been torn down, as simply never built. I can write a blog post, and someone on Mastodon can reply to it. I can make a group post on lemmy, and someone from Calckey can reply to it. I can see an awesome photo on Pixelfed, bring it in to #Akkoma and boost it for everyone else to see. And then anyone who sees it can interact with it. The cross platform interactions are still imperfect. Standards are still being developed, code is still being written and features are still being defined, but the future is right here, we are on the cusp of something new and amazing. Of course, this is all old news to someone who has been part of the fediverse for years now, but it feels different now. The momentum is here, we are seeing a shift and I think once we cross that precipice, once we have normalised the cross channel interactions we are starting to develop, it's going to be very hard to go back. Honestly, I can't wait.

What is the intended method of content discovery?
I'm running on a personal lemmy instance, and I've been able to simply re-subscribe to the communities that I was subscribed to on my previous account. But what if I didn't have that? How would I discover those communities? On the micro blogging fediverse, I can use relays, follow other peoples boosts, or join groups etc for content discovery and to give me federated content in general on which to do content discovery. What does that look like in the lemmyverse niche of the fediverse? How does a small single person instance find new content? How do they get richer content search options etc? Right now, I'm just using search on for that, but that's a work around, not a solution