Interesting to see yet again that DOMAINS were seized. In what jurisdiction your domain operates is becoming a more and more crucial question. They first started with copyright infringement, then “terrorist” content and we’re slowly crossing the line where domain seizures are considered normal business by law enforcement.

More than ever, we need to replace DNS with a more solid protocol like the GNU Name System.

Fun fact, for example, ProtonMail published a blog post a while ago saying that those who really care about security and privacy should use the domain, because the .com one isn’t considered secure anymore.


Is the GNU Name System active? Have you used ENS (Ethereum Name System)? It is getting some use.

What about OpenNIC? Lets you resolve clearnet and also OpenNIC tld’s, so you aren’t stuck on a funky alt-net.


I’ll have to look into that!


Especially also because ICANN is based in the U.S. and therefore a prime subject for these pressures.

ICANN probably has nothing to do with this. I couldn’t find a list of all domains seized but the one given in example in the article is a .com which is operate by US companies (not sure which at the moment)

I posted it few days ago . This is incredibly problematic for anyone who opposes and criticises USA foreign policy.

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