Hi all!

For those who are using a very small, limited-RAM VPS (smaller than 4GB), how are you finding keeping Lemmy up to date?

I’m doing each component piecemeal, and on my 2GB RAM VPS I couldn’t finish lemmy backend’s cargo build, just too much RAM required even with 1.5GB of swap (VPS provider is really going to enjoy that, I’m sure)

I did the production build on a machine at home and copied the lemmy_server over. Seems to be fine, but… rust or lemmy seem to have some massive resource requirements on the build.


I would strongly recommend against using anything but the already-built docker images for production. Newest versions of the code from the git can easily break compatibility. Our current code version has breaking changes in activitypub compatibility for example, that won’t work with the official images.


I will have to keep my eyes open for that potential, as I’m not interested in putting docker on my systems. Though… I can easily stick with the tags to stay away from the breakage, no?

I guess having the docker image solves the building resource issue.

As long as you stay with our releases there should be no problems. But building and running without Docker is just extra work for you really.


I think it’s a great opportunity, to be honest. Good to get to know how each component is built & runs.

Docker is another ‘thing’ that one has to work at, too - leaving the extra complexity on your system and hoping for the best isn’t my idea of managing a system very well. Though, the packaging definitely has it’s conveniences.

Maybe you can write documentation for the manual installation in that case, some people have been asking for that. And feel free to ask if you have problems installing Lemmy this way (though we cant help with things like iframely).


I’m hoping to post draft revision 1 of my install notes/procedure to this community in the very near future. I wanted to say next couple of days, but I have the feeling I know what’s going to happen in the next few days leading up to Christmas. heh


You are using the webserver to build the software? Really? Sorry, but I never even imagined anyone would even have such an idea. Wow.

Regardless of docker, always just build lemmy on you desktop pc? A VM, Docker or this Linux thing for Windows can be very helpful with that in case you don’t run Linux on your desktop (which you really should :p ).


I did for the initial build of everything, after having staged & tested everything on a VM at home, sure. However, I did scale up the VM to do the full rebuild of the OS and build Lemmy, so when scaled back down to what’s necessary to run things for now, I found that it’s not good for building rust projects with. Which is fine, I can build the components elsewhere.

As far as Linux goes, I run Linux everywhere.

Lemmy Administration

    Anything about running your own Lemmy instance. Including how to install it, maintain and customise it.

    Be sure to check out the docs: https://dev.lemmy.ml/docs/administration.html

    If you have any problems, describe them here and we will try to help you fixing them.

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