Russian bots with a Kremlin disinformation network published 120,000 fake anti-Ukraine quotes falsely attributed to celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston and Scarlett Johansson, in one day, the independent Russian media outlet Agentsvo reported June 15.

Quotes appeared over celebrity photos, displaying messages calling to end aid to Ukraine and describing European collapse.

The images were published between June 14-15 by the Kremlin disinformation network Dvoynyk, a representative of the Bot Blocker project told Agentsvo. The fake quotes have since garnered over 500,000 views.


    1 month ago

    These damn bots are out of control lol

    “I’ve met Putin, what a guy, some say he’s the second-best guy. I don’t know, what I do know is I am the best guy. People say Mr. President you’re the best guy, no guys better just the best of the best they say. I told Poots, that’s what I call him Poots it’s like a pet name, he calls me cyka, which means friend in Russian because we are best friends some say the only true friends because we are such good friends. Anyway, he gets a bad rap poots, he just wants to stop the nazis and help Russians stuck in Ukraine by the criminal Biden crime family. Crooked Hillary won’t let Russia grow, they need to grow. Nazis, Hillarys, maybe even a few Obamas that’s Ukraine. Obama is trying to stop Russia, I said you can’t do that, they can’t do that. Let’s help Poots stop the crooked Clintons and bring back Taco Tuesdays, you remember Taco Tuesdays? On Tuesdays, before Obama outlawed it we used to have tacos. I had big Macs because I am not Mexican, not a fan of beans. Putin says nazis took his beans to Ukraine, I don’t know…maybe, some say it’s true. Smart people say it, they say Mr. President we need to leave Ukraine and let Russia have it so they can grow and stop Hillary from sending Hunter over there to steal their beans.” - Donald Trump