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  • Managing Partner of my company came in today. He sounds just like this every time he talks politic. Every time I say “The Earth works on rather straightforward logic for us, correct?”


    “What’s more straight forward? That Trump staged this entire shooting to “play dirty” with the democrats and expose them? Or that some depressed young adult searched for any person of fame near him to suicide by cop?”

    It always locks him up for a second saying “No, no, no, you see- shifts position as brain attempts to boot

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    Great! If its rough it means you’re learning! I’ll check it out. Dont forget. Those skills are transferable* so the next time Unity decides to back charge for every download you can jump ship without much worry. Just focus on the design, take what you can in abstract, and you’ll just keep getting better.

  • Getting fucked does not mean going to prison. Getting fucked for rich people is when a meme tanks your stock 50%. The reason they’re trying to codify this is so they dont ever get fucked again.

    In this hypothetical (we hope) future, where being LGBTQ+ brands you as a pedophile and serves you the death sentence, the populace will become angry with the fact they are ruled by “one of them” and question why this is so.

    Laws, after all, are not physically existing things. The law can say Thiel is fine on his fiefdom of lower SoCal. But it won’t stop the head dictator from feeling like sending his gay crusher squad to all of Thiel’s addresses in one night. And the only thing needed to make that decision happen is the swinging mood of the orange.