Mastodon 3.3

It’s Mastodon 3.3 time 🎉 We’ve got security fixes, performance fixes, new moderation tools and quality of life features!

I like the bell button! Not sure how I feel about the video popout. Just feels like an add. But I bet it will save me scrolling away from a video I want to see.

Here a TLDR of the release for those not wanting to read the entire article:

Reversible suspensions

Suspended accounts are now stored 30 days in order to talk things out. Suspended persons can also donload their data.

IP blocks

possibility to block IP and subnets to fight against spam.

Performance improvements

fontend and backend performance improvement

Bell button

Click the bell button in order to get notifications when someone important to you posts.

Pop-out media player

Continue to listen/view your media while browsing mastodon. No need to scroll back to the player to control it as it will stay on the bottom right corner of your screen.

pop-out media player and notifications are nice features. This is a good release.

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