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    The group, the Harm Reduction Nurses Association, first took the provincial government to court late last year in an effort to block the Restricting Public Consumption of Illegal Substances Act, a piece of legislation intended to allow police to fine or imprison people who refuse to comply with orders not to use drugs in certain public spaces, including parks, sports fields, bus stops and building entrances.

    That law, passed in November, was intended to address backlash against the province’s three-year drug decriminalization pilot project, which since January, 2023, has allowed adults in B.C.

    He imposed a temporary injunction that has prevented the government from bringing the new rules into force, pending a constitutional challenge of the law by the association.

    Court of Appeal earlier this month, lawyers for the nurses association, a national non-profit group, argue the judge made no error.

    In their response to the government’s filing, the nurses say they provided evidence to support the judge’s finding that “irreparable harm” would occur if the changes were enacted.

    The nurses say the government’s appeal should be disallowed, and the injunction left in place until a court hears their constitutional challenge, because the province did not offer compelling evidence to support its position that widespread public drug consumption puts others at risk.

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