Cookie Clicker
Cookie Clicker is an awesome idle clicker game with a baking theme. Start by click on the cookie to produce cookies. See how many cookies you can bake.

Cookie Clicker is a popular online game with easy-to-learn but entertaining action. The game is created with a giant cake, and the player’s job is to click on the largest cake to make a variety of various little cookies. After a big number of cakes have been collected, various expensive objects can be unlocked. Auto-click to cookie every 10 seconds using the cursor. Grandma: I’ll assist you in baking additional cookies; each Grandma bakes one cookie per second. Grow your cookie plants on the farm. Every second, each farm produces eight cookies. There are many more upgrading items hidden throughout the game. Some upgrade items increase click rates, allowing you to make many cookies every click.

It’s a 1to1 clone with even the menues looking the same, it must be the same developer I think.

There are clones and rip offs, sometimes they look the same, sometimes they dont, sometimes they’re up to date, sometimes they’re not. Since Cookie Clicker is just JS you can just inspect element and grab the source code. They only original one, though, it’s the one you linked. Orteil just doesn’t care that much to DMCA them.

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