All of this would not be possible, the lawsuit says, without Epstein’s right-hand men: his longtime personal lawyer Darren Indyke and accountant Richard Kahn, who’ve long denied any wrongdoing in connection with their former boss.

“The Epstein Enterprise would not have existed for the duration it did and at its scope and scale, without the collaboration and support of others,” the legal filing states. “No one, except perhaps Ghislaine Maxwell, was as essential and central to Epstein’s operation as these Defendants.”

David Boies, the victims’ attorney, said: “As detailed in the Complaint, Defendants Indyke and Kahn received millions of dollars from Epstein and his entities.”

“In exchange, they provided the cash necessary to make Epstein’s sex trafficking work, hid what was going on behind a maze of corporate shells, structured Epstein’s financial transactions to conceal their real purpose, and arranged sham same sex marriages to fraudulently provide a basis for keeping victims from Europe in this country.”