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    literally! lame redditor brains love to barge in on posts like this and act like fat people somehow… don’t know they are fat? as though they don’t live carrying that burden (literally and figuratively) every day?

    body shaming has been demonstrated to cause worse medical outcomes. it’s absolutely fine for people (especially medical sources) to inform overweight folks of the risks of obesity and to encourage them to build an intervention plan.

    whats not okay is the reaction to this post. most of the comments here are proving OOP’s point, like, “how dare you not visibly hate yourself every moment of the day for your body.” i’m high key disgusted by the knee jerk reaction here.

  • nobody is saying that people with obesity need to he self loathing

    …and yet your first reaction to a post simply about women who don’t hate themselves for their bodies was to say society needs to be less accepting.

    do some internal thought because you seem to be getting closer to truth with your last paragraph but you are still way off base.

  • treatments for obesity exist. self-hatred is not a treatment for obesity. in fact, self-hatred has the opposite effect. individuals, like yourself, who harp on the “too accepting” attitude of the culture, are operating without regard for the established medical framework for effective intervention, preferring to rely on an unsupported framework of hatred instead.