Are there any linux users here, am i asking this in wrong community ?, If yes then sorry

Anyways the first linux for me was kali linux, I was a hopeless kid who wanted to learn hacking, and as everyone thinks linux is for hackers i just did some random google search about “Best linux distro for hacking” and the result was kali linux (since parrot os was not there at the time)

I watched a tutorial on how to install it, and that’s where it got worse. We didn’t have that much data to download a 3-4GB of iso file, so i went to a nearby friend to use their wifi and downloaded it. When I was installing it I selected the partition in which we stored all our family photos and other memories ( At the time I didn’t knew much about partitions and just wanted to try out linux). As I selected the wrong partition the windows installed on that partition and the files got deleted and I got into Kali linux, it took me some time to realise what I have done, but eventually I realised that many files were missing and was not able to boot into windows. Eventually I got scolded so much from my parents, but I don’t regret it because that opened up a new world of linux for me (but with some sacrifices)