Absolutely insane. The battery won’t even last more than 4 hours. Pinephone is pretty bad but at 200$ it’s what most people should get. Think about it, you can buy a pine phone for your calls and text and then a used oneplus 6 or poco f1 (way faster than a librem 5, cheaper and runs mainline) to run linux apps at a better speed. All for way less than 1 librem 5.


I cannot afford this, you could buy a (albeit shitty) car for that price!

I wanted to get a pinephone, but that thing is made in China and owned by a HongKong company.

Due to lack of secure/reliable phone options, may just get a dumb-phone that has a hotspot. . . There’s nothing wrong with that. Besides, I already use an offline Garmin GPS ( works great ), I have a nice camera for photos, and use a laptop for most internet usage.

I may have a strong case of cognitive dissonance, but abandoning my smart-phone is starting to sound like a pragmatic idea.

I’m curious about the China comment and genuinely would like to ask some questions. I’m prefacing them with lots of assumptions that might be wrong, so please feel free to ignore or correct them.

I believe China is a rather authoritarian government, however I fail to see why they would like to go after people who use the pinephone. China’s scope is that of a regional power so I wouldn’t be too worried particular if not I’m Chinese or live in China.

What are your concerns regarding using a product made by a company owned by a HK company?

Also, lots of stuff is made in China, since that’s the way to keep supply chains profitable and products cheap. Without looking, I’d say most phones have at least components made in China. What risk do you see associated with this?


Why not get a cheaper smartphone and put an alternative OS on it? Ubuntu Touch is pretty nice and supports a lot of older devices.

1300 dollars? Oof, that’s steep. How are they going to justify that price tag, I wonder?

From the article:

due at least in part to rising supply chain costs due to the global chip shortage

I don’t blame them. I worked in a similar industry affected by corona/supply shortage - and it’s likely going to last well into mid-2022, if not longer, before production lines catch up to meet demand. This is impacting the small players the most unfortunately, the big players will survive but a lot of small companies don’t have the safety nets to survive, I wish them the best and that they can ship my phone out someday haha.

This is so stupid. Why not buy a cheaper but more powerful phone and install PMOS yourself? Chances are they function (awfully) the same.

As a phone manufacturer, perhaps try to switch to a software focused one to survive the hard time.


Community about running GNU/Linux on phones. Projects like Ubuntu Touch, Plasma Mobile, PostmarketOS, Mobian etc. Either on former Android phones or hardware like the PinePhone.

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