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  • Don’t waste your time with Zulip, it is just another corporate messenger.

    The IRC “problem” is a lot more complex than “giving up”. It is actually a problem of attempted corporate capture on two main occasions.

    The first one is Element (matrix) that tried to EEE IRC with their extremely poor bridges and in general Matrix has been binding developer resources on an ultimately failed and over-engineered protocol where the parent company is now pivoting to provide government services.

    The second one was the largely failed attempt at a hostile takeover of Freenode, which somehow left the people that were trying to innovate IRC in a really bad spot as those that are mostly standing on the brakes “won” and formed A very phyrric victory, as it pretty much cemented the continued decline of IRC.

  • Well, you can certainly try. Maybe this specific design is sufficiently standardized to repair it with such an kit. As a European I am not familiar with that specific design, but these things tend to have subtile differences making repairs across decades hard. But if you can access it from the backside a full replacement as a backup plan seems doable without breaking the tiles.

    If hardness is the likely cause of internal incrustations, you can try to loosen it with some vinegar or other acid. But some strategic use of force is nearly always required when undoing old plumbing.

  • Well, yes but no. With the possible exception of the car-part-incubator, which would have probably worked if they had found a local company to iterate a bit on the prototype design and then sold it as a national product without ever mentioning its heritage, the other examples are clearly all designed to attract western donor funding and everything else was secondary. This is not a “western design” problem or a problem of context appropriateness. Western designs (cars, televisions etc.) do just fine in all these countries when people want them.

  • The shower knobs are part of a valve assembly that is likely directly connected to the pipes below the tiles. Unless you are lucky to somehow find spare-parts for this specific 50 year old model, you will have to fully replace it.

    It’s anyway an odd design as the mixer seems to be below the tiles as well, making it nearly impossible to replace or fix. Like wtf were people thinking back then?

    A modern standard design only has two 1/2" threaded connections (for hot and cold water) exposed through the tiles, and everything else is external, so that there is no need to touch the tiles or the pipes below when fixing or replacing the armature.

    Edit: going by some other remarks, this is in the US and it isn’t actually a house with real concrete or brick walls, but rather those cheap drywall contraptions people think are houses? In that case you might be able to open it up from the backside and access it from there, which would explain why they went for such an extremely bad design.

  • I initially thought this was about anti-vaxxers, which is also a kind of test to weed out people prone to group-think and irrational believes.

    But yeah, making and distributing vaccines is a reasonably complex tasks that requires some level of global coordination. However, classic vaccines are actually not all that hard to make, a lot of the complexity comes from the regulatory requirements. Early into the Covid-19 pandemic some people actually made their own nasal spray vaccines, that probably were not that much worse than some other early options.