Ford announces $75M for Northlander train revival
Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Minister of Transportation Caroline Mulroney announced in Timmins on Sunday the government will spend $75 million to restore passenger rail service connecting the northern and southern regions.

3-6 years and the Northlander, connecting Cochrane, Timmins, North Bay through to Toronto will be operational once again. The train was shut down in 2012, and its return with 14 stops will provide a vital transportation artery between Northern & Southern Ontario, while also connecting to the Polar Bear Express, which has a terminus at Moosonee in the Far North.

The reinstatement of the Northlander is a great first step in building the necessary transportation infrastructure across Northern Ontario. Hopefully, we’ll see further expansion including a Timmins - North Bay - Sudbury - Sault Ste Mare - Timmins loop, and a more frequent connection between the NE & NW communities.

Greater Sudbury - Ontario
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