Man threatened elderly muslim woman

The assailant made a racist remark about how he was surprised that I was friends with 2 minorities. (I was hanging out with a few people). He later proceeded to walk down the street (Arlington / Kent, 75 arlington). He walked up to a muslim woman and the following happened: he said: ~"go back to where you came from~, ~someone who looks like you almost hit me in a car~, he then did a finger gun aimed at the woman’s head. He was within 2 meters of her. This happened ~8pm, July 19, 2021.

Assailant’s appearance:

hair similar look, color and hair style as;

Wearing glasses like:

Caucasian, tanned, 180cm tall.

The assailant and elderly woman live very close to that address apparently.

Disclaimer: don’t witch hunt the assailant or violate laws with this information.

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