May have just found out why I’ve historically had issues logging into my Lemmy accounts.

I was able to create my account fine using a password 65-ish characters in length using letters, numbers and special characters. Then immediately I couldn’t login! I use a passwords vault to create/save my accounts fully before I enter my details into the site so the details are correct.

Upon resetting my password and trying a new one with the same parameters I was advised my password was too long (60 max I think it said?). I moved it to 58 characters and also removed special characters then I was able to login fine.

This may have been going on for sometime and across other instances because I was having lots of issues making lemmy accounts before on

Anyone else run into this?


this will probably get more visibility if you ask at lemmy support, as this community is specific to, but the problem seems to be a problem with lemmy itself.


True but I wanted to start here incase it was known t the instance. Lemmy crosspost. support / questions
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Feel free to ask me anything here. If it’s about Lemmy the software and I can’t answer, I’ll be referring you to the main Lemmy support community.

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