In her own words…

I’ve experienced more body shaming in this last week than I have in my entire life.

But the truth is - it’s happened for me at every weight and size and it’s been relentless in my entire existence starting when I was on a playground.

What’s the point of body shaming? No really. What is it? To keep us feeling small, playing small? Too much, never enough?

I have a unique perspective. I’ve put my body through hell to be a size 0 and I was miserable, unhealthy, crumbling. But I would have done anything to escape the body shaming I received at a larger size. But guess what? It still happened. And guess what? Most of it came from within. So when they tell me how not enough I am, I remember what it felt like to live small to be small.

When I shared the video of my walk and I said in the caption that I knew it would receive negativity but it mattered more to me that we showed up for our ONE FREAKING LIFE, I meant it.

These negative commenters are not the ones that need us. They’re not our kids or our partners or our memories. They’re not US.

So I’m sharing with you some of the messages that are the kind we focus on, the ones we give our energy to.

Because while I have this one life to live, We also have only so much energy to give. And I believe we are collectively better when we choose to not just give kindness but receive it louder than the rest.

There will be many in this life that won’t like you. Don’t be one of them.

So cheers to us, exactly right now.

Photos by my friend and inspiration @huntermcgrady

  • jerkface
    1 month ago

    You kind of have to be going out of your way to be getting exposed to it.