A former Hamilton police officer will not go to jail for sexually assaulting the woman he was mentoring as she pursued her own career in policing.

Michael LaCombe, 54, will instead serve 12 months of house arrest followed by 12 months of probation after Justice Cameron Watson found him guilty of two counts of sexual assault in January, following a trial.

Watson sentenced LaCombe on Monday at the Ontario Court of Justice in St. Catharines, Ont., describing his crimes and the aftermath as “a spectacular and cataclysmic fall from grace” in his written decision.

“His life has taken an irreparable downward spiral. He is no longer the man he once was,” Watson wrote.

Watson also described how LaCombe’s conduct “devastated” the victim, who has felt isolated and suffers from panic attacks, among other impacts, in recent years.

  • jerkface
    1 month ago

    He used his authority and position in the community to sexually exploit someone who was vulnerable and IN HIS FUCKING CARE BECAUSE THEY WERE A VULNERABLE PERSON. You’re being such an asshole right now, how can you not understand that.

    When there is a power dynamic, what might in another context be a simple conflict between two equal people completely changes in nature.