• saigot
    1 month ago

    the old owners of my home neglected to get the the eves-troughs fixed (they were shitty landlords), it cost me about 10K for the replacement which will last 20+yrs. the leaking water ruined every window frame in the house, and cost us about 50K to repair that damage. replacing those windows also like halved our heating/cooling bills (and made the upper floors comfortable to exist in). Luckily we got a nice interest free government loan because it’s greenifying our home.

    they had all kinds of other landlord specials, like pouring concrete (not levelled right) down the basement drain and making the stairs to the attic out of plywood. fuck landlords. Did I mention they made over 400k on the appreciation of the house and were probably making 2-3K more per month than their mortgage from renting.