• MapleEngineer
    2 months ago

    Conservatives always do the same thing. They cut taxes giving billions of dollars to the rich and cut services for everyone else. (Just a note, here…if you don’t use a million dollar yacht as a runabout for your billion dollar yacht you are the poor that they are referring to when they say, “We don’t want our tax dollars going to support the poor.” They’re taking about you, not for you.) They cut revenue and try to cut spending to make it up but always fail, running up the deficit and the debt, neglecting the military, government, and infrastructure leaving not only a fiscal debt but also an operational/maintenance debt until they are voted out of office. Then the next Liberal government has to pay that debt by spending and the Conservatives complain that they are spending money like drunken sailors, run on, “We’re not them and we’re going to fix everything” without ever having a plan for HOW they’re going to fix everything let alone the intention to fix everything, win, and start the cycle over again.