Seriously it really grinds my gears that the Canadian government thinks that 16 years olds are mature and intelligent enough to drive a car, work a full-time job, pay taxes, apply for a passport, and are able to live independently on their own without a parent or guardian if they want to and get married with parent consent.

But when it comes to voting the Canadian thinks 16 year olds are not mature and intelligent enough to vote. Its completely ridiculous in my opinion.

  • BCsven
    2 months ago

    Sounds like you are stuck in your ways , incapable or unwilling to change. LOL. If you actually talked to old people, not just what you see about boomers amd corporate distopia you will find many are very open minded.

    As an anecdote, my mum is old and grew up in an era of racism and gay being illegal. she is now in public or on facebook having daily fights calling people out on the racism, and spreading acceptance for the lgbtq2s+ community. Intelligent people do chane their views, ageism has no bearing on that