• @Pyr_Pressure
    125 months ago

    I honestly don’t understand how advertisement is valued to highly.

    I have probably seen 1000hrs worth of ads by now and probably spent less than $1000 on the products advertised. But somehow if I want to avoid those ads I have to pay 10x that

    • Captain Aggravated
      85 months ago

      Especially on the internet it seems that the strategy is to beat you into submission, waterboarding you with branding until you aren’t capable of doing anything other than buying their product.

      I get sick of seeing ads and then black list the company out of spite. And I do that brain surgery with a backhoe. Because of a certain marketing campaign for a Mission: Impossible movie, I’m never paying to see an action movie of any kind ever again. Because they annoyed me too much in 2015 or so. And because of Dr. Squatch, I think when I’m out of my current supply of Dial I’m going to start making my own soap.

      • @Pyr_Pressure
        35 months ago

        Once a brand makes it onto my blacklist it doesn’t matter how much advertisement I see for it.

        HP can spend $1m on ads and force me to watch them but I’ll never spend a dollar on them.

        Adobe, Dell, and many more have made my list.