• Square Singer@feddit.de
      8 months ago

      I wasn’t specifically talking about this product alone, but about the general trend. I don’t own any Amazon hardware.

      A few years ago, piracy was all but dead because or really good offers like Netflix. All the stuff you wanted was there and the price was ok.

      Now to get the same that you got for a tenner a month on Netflix, you have to pay for half a dozen of streaming services.

      Youtube forces you to watch more ads than actual content. All services are increasing prices while decreasing what you are getting for that money. And all sorts of products are retroactively introducing ads.

      I mean seriously, if someone bought that stick, they paid for it. They shouldn’t have to worry about updates actively making the device worse.

      It’s an industry-wide trend that sucks, and it’s one that creates resistance. People start pirating, use adblock and some hack their devices. Not because it’s impossible to have a situation that suits everyone, but because they purpously use enshittification to suck more money out of their customers.