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  • Square Singer@feddit.detolinuxmemes@lemmy.worldBackdoors
    3 months ago

    The only real downside on the open source side is that the fix is also public, and thus the recipe how to exploit the backdoor.

    If there’s a massive CVE on a closed source system, you get a super high-level description of the issue and that’s it.

    If there’s one on an open source system, you get ready-made “proof of concepts” on github that any script kiddy can exploit.

    And since not every software can be updated instantly, you are left with millions of vulnerable servers/PCs and a lot of happy script kiddies.

    See, for example, Log4Shell.

  • Tbh, I don’t recommend beginners to try out multiple distros in the beginning. Realistically, if you don’t have in depth Linux knowledge already, all you’ll be able to differentiate is the look of the DE and the wallpaper.

    I find, too much choice tends to confuse beginners more than it helps them.

    So I’d rather recommend something simple like Ubuntu and let them try out the flavours with the different DEs.

    Choice is better for later when people actually understand what they are looking for.

  • To the first point: no. There is no wide-spread hunger yet. People on the very low end of the income scale are suffering and many are homeless, but that’s not what the majority of the people experience. The middle class currently mostly takes hits to their savings or to their comfort, but they still have a roof over their heads and they still don’t suffer hunger.

    To the second point, I can only speculate. I think the EU has a rather stable system. Individual countries might shift to the left or right, but the whole system of the EU is made to prevent anything really bad. Secession from the EU is something that no current member state of the EU can afford and after Brexit not even rightwing extremists want to seriously leave the EU.

    The USA isn’t setup nearly as stable, since they are still running one of the earliest democratic systems in the world. I see two (not mutually exclusive) options there.

    • A republican dictatorship, which is not too difficult for them, because all you really need is the president and the surpreme court being corrupt enough to want that power.
    • Secession of multipe states. Texas is testing the waters, and if they actually seceede, other states might follow. This might either lead to a new edition of the civil war, or multiple rogue nations with nukes. Either way, the USA’s status as an economic and military superpower would be gone. This again would destabilize Europe, since the EU currently doesn’t have the military power to defend itself without NATO. What will happen from there on is anyone’s guess.