I worry folks are downvoting because they take the title as an endorsement of anti-feminism. This is an explicit statement that this sub is in no way anti-feminist. Read the sidebar.

  • i_stole_ur_taco
    8 months ago

    Gen-X men see eye-to-eye with male Gen-Zers. An identical 43 percent of men in that bracket call themselves feminists, compared to 49 percent of the generation’s women.

    I feel like the authors think these 2 sentences are supporting the same argument, and I think they do not.

    Asking someone if they “identify as a feminist” is vastly different than exploring their core values. “Feminism” is a badly exploited word that means many different things to many different people, even within a generational cohort.

    It’s entirely possible that the sample of Gen-Xers that identify as feminist also carry more regressive beliefs than Gen-Zers that said they were not feminists.

    The way this study was summarized in the article smells a lot like an older author (read: Gen-X or Boomer) trying to make sense of Gen-Z by plopping them into buckets created for the older generation.

    I don’t know anything about anything, but this smelled less of science than an article reporting a study ought to.