• @plaguesandbacon
    146 months ago

    I’ve worked in IT for 20+ years, only in cases where management thinks a particular person isn’t working, it doesn’t happen. Cost plus IT departments are generally understaffed and don’t have time to monitor this kind of thing makes it a non-starter

    • @[email protected]
      6 months ago

      True until you have a micro manager, they’re looking for a reason to fire you, or they’re a big corporation who has money at the end of the budget a ton of bullshit coordinator jobs and they are thinking about layoffs, or finally they got bought by a vulture capitalist.

      The only times I was asked to pull this kind of stuff was generally when somebody clocked in from home before the commute or remotely signed in and left for two hours. Sometimes I pull app activity to show adoption for a new platform and offer training. Otherwise nobody reads it.