Hi all,

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I have been playing around with notes on getting Lemmy installed from scratch, without using docker or ansible. While these notes have worked for me, there’s probably a million iterations of ‘better’ that could be done to them - I’d consider them a draft at this point. That said, I have used them to create each of Lemmy’s components on lemmy.ca.

If you do use these, I would recommend sticking to lemmy release versions as the developers state that are likely breaking changes to things like federation in between releases.

Also, I’m aware that things like the init scripts need some further work - they’re just a starting point for now.

If interested, please go ahead and grab https://lemmy.ca/dl/lemmy-resources.tar.gz and have a look at the lemmy-setup-notes.txt file included. There’s also example configs for the various component that require them and the aforementioned init scripts.

I hope this is useful to someone!

  • KinetixOP
    13 years ago

    Apparently after I moved lemmy.ca to another server I forgot to move the resources tarball to the right place, so it’s been a 404 for a bit.

    Today I updated the contents with an update guide and there’s been several edits to the original setup text.

    So, the tarball link works again as of today, but it’s been updated to it’s second version. I will endeavour to get this stuff in to a wiki soon.